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Neanderthals are a xenotype of slow and sturdy humans.


Neanderthals are stocky, powerfully-built humanoids. Their most salient characteristic is that they are difficult to hurt: they are very resistant to injury, and their strong immune systems protect them from infection. However, without ever having evolved in a complex civilization, they are less adept than baseliner humans at intellectual and social tasks, and their impulsiveness can make them dangerously aggressive.
Homo neanderthalensis was originally an archaic population of hominids that emerged over 200,000 years ago during the Pleistocene epoch. After they were replaced by and merged with humans 30,000 years ago, they were absent for tens of thousands of years until scientists resurrected them from ancient DNA. Neanderthals now survive in sub-societies on some settled planets. On the rimworlds, neanderthal tribes carve out the same existence as their Earth ancestors did so long ago.
- In Game Description


Neanderthals are slow in more ways than one, but they are excellent survivors. They are also strongly suited for melee fighting, and much less for shooting. They cannot be easily identified at first glance, but if you get in a fight with one, their unique talent for staying upright will soon be apparent. Their genetic complexity is 12, with a metabolic efficiency of +2, giving them a hunger rate of x80%.


Neanderthal genes are germline, so all of their genes are inheritable:


  • Strong immunity
  • Slow runner
  • Cold tolerant
  • Heat tolerant
  • Strong melee damage
  • Robust
  • Reduced pain
  • Slow learner


  • Aggressive


  • Heavy jaw
  • Heavy brow
  • Hulk, standard, or fat body


  • Poor shooting
  • Poor social
  • Poor intellectual


Neanderthals have banded together to form a touchy, fierce Neanderthal Tribe. With a lot of work you may get on good terms with them. There is also a small chance for them to show up with Empire parties, and a slight chance they will appear with outlanders or pirate bands. You may also see Neanderthals with unaffiliated groups of travelers or during quests.