Biosculpter pod

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Biosculpter pod

Biosculpter pod

An immersion pod full of bioactive gel. It can perform a variety of biological alterations including age reversal and pleasure-giving. The pod becomes biotuned to its user at the end of a cycle. While biotuned, it cannot be used by anyone else, but cycles will complete 25% more quickly. Biotuning resets if the pod is unused for 80 days.

Base Stats

Market Value
455 Silver [Note]
50 kg
Path Cost


3 ˣ 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind
Terrain Affordance
-200 W


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 8
Work To Make
28,000 ticks (7.78 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 120 + Component 4
Deconstruct yield
Steel 30 + Component 1
Destroy yield
Steel 30 + Component 1

The biosculpter pod is a miscellaneous building added by the Ideology DLC that can heal a variety of injuries and even reverse pawn aging. It's very important to colonies with Transhumanist ideoligions, but other colonies can still build and use it.


Biosculpter pods can be constructed once the Biosculpting project is researched. They require Steel 120 Steel, Component 4 Components, 28,000 ticks (7.78 mins) of work and a Construction skill of 8.


Biosculpter pods can perform four different operations on a colonist. Pawns inside a pod are frozen as if in cryptosleep; for example, diseases are frozen, and will remain unaffected unless the Medic cycle cures them.

All cycles require 5 non-hay nutrients loaded to start and complete. Things like human meat and kibble can be used with no penalty. Canceling the cycle before it has started won't consume it, but the food can't be retrieved. Nutrition is reset if the pod is reinstalled.

Biosculpters consume 200W of power when running a cycle, and 50W otherwise. If power is lost, biosculpting will pause until it is restored. If 24 hours pass without power, the pawn is ejected and will gain biosculpting sickness.


Each operation takes between 4 to 25 days to complete, before modifiers:

Circumstances Cycle Days (Tuned Time)
Medic Bioregeneration Age reversal Pleasure
Default 6 (4.5) 25 (18.75) 8 (6) 4 (3)
Sterile 5.22 (3.91) 21.74 (16.3) 6.96 (5.22) 3.48 (2.61)
Transhumanist 3 (2.25) 12.5 (9.38) 4 (3) 2 (1.5)
Transhumanist and Sterile 2.61 (1.96) 10.87 (8.15) 3.48 (2.61) 1.74 (1.3)
  • Biosculpter pods work faster with Cleanliness. 0.6 cleanliness, equivalent to a clean, sterile tiled room, grants a 115% speed-factor.
  • Transhumanists will always have the precept Biosculpting: Accelerated, which halves the time for each cycle.
  • After an operation is completed, the pod becomes attuned to that colonist. This forbids usage by other colonists for 80 days, but speeds subsequent cycles by 25%. This 80-day time limit is renewed every time the pawn completes a cycle.

Note that the Transhumanist speed boost is per pawn, and so is not reflected in the pod UI.


Conditions that will be or can be healed by a biosculpter cycle will be listed in the confirmation dialog displayed when ordering a pawn to enter or load another into the biosculpter.



Heal all fresh wounds, blood loss, and one random infectious disease

— Tooltip

Medic takes 6 days to complete. It heals all fresh wounds, blood loss and one random disease.

It can cure: Malaria, Sleeping sickness, Flu, Plague, Gut worms, Muscle parasites, and Infections.



Heal all fresh wounds, heal one random permanent injury, and restore small missing body parts like fingers and toes.

— Tooltip

Bioregeneration takes 25 days to complete, and additionally costs costs Glitterworld medicine 2 glitterworld medicine. The Bioregeneration research project must be completed before it can be used. It heals all fresh wounds, one random permanent injury, and restores destroyed or missing minor body parts.

It can heal on the following permanent injuries: scars including brain scars, Frail, Cataracts, Bad back, Asthma, Hearing loss, and Artery blockages.

It does not heal: Alzheimer's, Dementia, Toxic buildup, Carcinoma, Chemical damage, missing body parts, Luciferium need, addictions or diseases.

It can restore the following body parts: Eye, Ear, Nose, Finger, Toe, and Tongue. It will not heal missing eyes if the pawn's ideoligion approves of blindness.

Age reversal


Reverse one year of aging.

— Tooltip
Automatic age reverse toggle

Age reversal takes 8 days to complete. It reverses one year of aging, to a minimum colonist age of 13.

Colonists with Transhumanist ideoligions are granted Received age reversal thought, which adds 3 mood for 4 days, but they will expect yearly treatments after the age of 25 and experience a ?[Value] mood penalty without them. Additionally, they can be instructed to automatically receive their yearly age reversal cycle by enabling the “Auto age reverse” toggle on a biotuned pod.



Temporarily reshape the nervous system to deliver elevated levels of happiness for a time.

— Tooltip

Pleasure takes 4 days to complete. It grants Biosculptor Pleasure Cycle thought, giving +15 mood for 12 days.


For ease of reading, the analysis is broken down into general - analysis of parts consistent accross all cycles, and the analyses for each cycle.


Note: Drug highs and tolerances do not decay while in a pod, but the time for scheduled use still progresses. Thus a pawn may take a dose, get in a pod, have the timer to their next dose tick down, and then take a second scheduled dose while still under the effects of the first. This can turn otherwise safe or low risk drug schedules into dangerous ones and runs the risk of addictions.

<General value proposition goes here>


The 80 day tuning time is a significant problem if only a limited number of pods can be supported, so it can be tempting to simply deconstruct a tuned pod and use the resulting resources to build a fresh pod. However, due to the 75% loss of resources each time, it quickly becomes more efficient to simply have multiple pods. For every 4 pods deconstructed, 3 could have been built. If space or power is at issue, uninstall the pods or connect them to power via a power switch.

Because of the 80 day delay before the pod can be used by another colonist, some colonies may find it effective to repeatedly biosculpt one colonist, giving them age reversal, all the healing they can accept, and a pleasure cycle all in a row.


A biosculpter "mini-room" with the interaction point shown overlaping the door

Because doors do not block the interaction spots of buildings, it's possible to build "mini-rooms" that are only large enough for the pod itself, with the door at the interaction spot. This minimizes the acculation of dirt and allows the entire room to be sterile tiled for the minimum cost, but does increase the total area required if multiple pods are to be built in the same area. This is ideal for emergency auto-docs mentioned above, or for accomodating a small number of patients.

These rooms only require 6 tiles of sterile tile per pod for maximum cleanliness. While the door's tile does not need to be sterile tile itself, it does need to be kept free of dirt for the best bonus to apply.[Clarification]

The pawn during biosculpting does not care about the tiny space.

The door can be held open to maximize speed of access while still maintaining the cleanliness bonus to allow easier nutritional loading and for emergency medic cycles. However, beware of enemies walking through the doorway unimpeded and breaking the pod apart, especially when using this technique on an emergency auto-doc on the outskirts of your colony.

Age reversal cycle

For regular ideoligions, age reversal is only important when a colonist is getting close to turning 50 years old biologically (the non-bracketed number listed for their age), or is already 50 or older. While you can do age reversal pre-emptively, it may be worthwhile to hold off unless the colonist has nothing to do for a while. The chance to perform Lovin' is highest between the ages of 16 to 25, with a pawn only 63% as likely to engage in it at age 50, and 20% as like at age 80. The Lovin' mood boost can be significant, especially when combined with a love enhancer.Content added by the Royalty DLC

Healing cycles

Healing can be extremely valuable, especially for scars on the torso, neck, and head, which can't be replaced by bionics. Repairing these scars would otherwise require a rare Healer mech serum or a permanent commitment to luciferium.

Emergency auto-doc

It can be very helpful to keep a pod with a healing cycle prepared, that isn't bound to any particular colonist.

This can not only save on medicine, but also save the life of a colonist that you might not otherwise have been able to treat in time. Having a waiting pod near your colony defenses allows pawns to rapidly be placed in the pod - as they are effectively suspended as soon as they enter the pod, and all injuries will be healed once the cycle is complete, this effectively guarantees that a pawn that makes it to the pod will survive, even if they had seconds to live. They will also be free of any risk of infection.

The downside to this is the increased healing time over traditional methods. Note that the pod being untuned will increase the length of the cycle, but having only tuned pods significantly increases the number of pods required for emergency treatment.

Pleasure cycle

Pleasure cycles are generally not worth the four days of inactivity, stuck in a pod. It only provides 12 days of +15 mood. By the time you have gotten the technology to use biosculpter pods, you should already have developed better mood management options, such as psychite tea, which provides a +12 mood buff for a small amount of easily acquirable psychoid leaves. This may be worth it if all the factors used to reduce cycle time are used however. More detailed analysis is needed.

Pleasure cycle as a time saver

The pleasure cycle is the shortest cycle, taking only 4 days, and still causes biotuning. Meanwhile, a bioregeneration cycle takes 25 days - tuning reduces this to 18.75 days, or a 6.25 day reduction. Therefore, with an untuned pod, it is 2.25 days faster to use pleasure cycle and then bioregen, rather than just doing bioregeneration. For transhumanists in a sterile room, this order is faster by only by 0.98 days.

Healing method table

Some injuries and health conditions will not naturally heal or cannot be immediately cured by treatment. In these cases, transplantation, artificial body parts, healer mech sera, luciferium or biosculpter podsContent added by the Ideology DLC may help, but each has its own unique list of what it can and cannot cure.

The full comparison table between healing methods is collapsed due to length. Expand to view.

Condition Transplant Bionics Healer mech serum Luciferium Biosculpter podContent added by the Ideology DLC
Alzheimer's Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png
Artery blockage Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png
Dementia Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png
Carcinoma Ex.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png
Chemical damage
- Kidney
Check.png Ex.pngContent from Rimworld core game only /
Check.pngContent added by the Biotech DLC
Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Chemical damage
- Other
Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Cirrhosis Check.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Frail Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Check.png Check.png
Cataracts Ex.png Check.png[One] Check.png[Both] Check.png Check.png
Bad back Ex.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png
Hearing loss Ex.png Check.png[One] Check.png[Both] Check.png Check.png[Both]
Asthma Check.png[One] Ex.png Check.png[Both] Check.png Check.png
Toxic buildup Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png
Blood loss Ex.pngContent from Rimworld core game only /
Check.pngContent added by the Biotech DLC
Ex.png ?[Detail] Ex.png Check.png
Food poisoning Ex.png Ex.png[Prev] Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Trauma savant Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Resurrection psychosis Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Blindness Ex.png Check.png[One] Check.png[Both] Check.png Check.png[Both]
Sterilized Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
- Heart
Check.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
- Kidney/Liver/Lung
Check.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
- Digits/Eyes/Ears/Tongue
Ex.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png Check.png
- Jaw
Ex.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
- Limbs/Stomach/Spine
Ex.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
- Nose
Ex.png Ex.pngContent from Rimworld core game only /
Check.pngContent added by the Royalty DLC
Check.png Ex.png Check.png
- Brain/Neck/Torso
Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Check.png Check.png
- Limbs/Eyes
Ex.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png
Luciferium need Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png
Addictions Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Malaria Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png[IGS] Check.png
Sleeping sickness Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png[IGS] Check.png
Flu Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png[IGS] Check.png
Plague Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png[IGS] Check.png
Gut worms Ex.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png Check.png
Muscle parasites Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Check.png
- Limbs/Eyes
Ex.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png[IGS] Check.png
- Other
Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png[IGS] Check.png
Fibrous mechanites Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Sensory mechanites Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Paralytic abasia Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Scaria Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
Blood rot Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png
^Both Heals both relevant organs if condition is present in both.
^One Heals only one organ, even if condition is present in both.
^Prev This option prevents the acquisition of new cases of this condition, independent of whether or not it cures existing cases.
^IGS While luciferium does not outright cure these diseases, the increase to Immunity Gain Speed can hasten their healing and/or help prevent fatal cases.

Version history

  • Ideology DLC Release - Added.
  • 1.3.3067 - Now plays a sound when nutrition is added.
  • 1.3.3069 - Reduce nutrition required for biosculpting from 20 to 10 for healing and age reversal cycles.
  • 1.3.3076 - Cancelling a cycle before it has started now won't consume nutrition.
  • 1.3.3080 - Now ejects pawns when uninstalled, previously could be exploited to "pokeball" colonists, suspending them safely and indefinitely.
  • 1.3.3087 - biosculpter timers reset after archonexus resettlement.
  • 1.3.3101 - Added copy/paste gizmos for biosculpter nutrition settings. Now lists what can or will be cured in the tooltip. Split "Healing" cycle into "Medic" and "Bioregeneration" cycles. Added a new research project requiring multianalyzer and biosculpting that enables bioregeneration cycle. Medic cycle treats short-term wounds, while bioregeneration can heal permanent scars, age-related conditions, and some smaller missing limbs. Age reversal cycle duration 10 -> 8 days. Nutrition requirements of healing and age reversal 10 -> 5.
  • 1.3.3117 - Bioregeneration cycle now requires 2 glitterworld medicine. Integrated artwork for bioregeneration cycle gizmo, previously it used the healing cycle artwork. Pawns no longer get diseases while in the pod. Conditions that will be or can be healed by a cycle now listed in confirmation dialog.
  • 1.3.3159 -
    • Added “Auto age reverse” option.
    • All cycles now take 5 nutrition, and nutrition must be loaded before a cycle is selected instead of after. Extra cycle ingredients are collected and carried to the pod by the pawn initiating the cycle.
    • It now only requires a single player action to start a pawn on a biosculpter cycle.
    • Now glow green when nutrition is loaded and they’re ready for cycle selection.
    • Biotuned cycles 25% faster.
    • Biotuning now occurs upon cycle completion instead of upon entry.
    • Power consumption 150W all the time -> 200W if a cycle is running, 50W otherwise.
    • Minify time increased.
    • Age reversal demanded alert will fire 1 day after age reversal deadline (instead of 5 days before) if a pawn has a pod with Auto age reverse enabled. This reduces spam.
    • Nutrition no longer ejected if a cycle is cancelled.
    • If biosculpter loses power while occupied, we don't animate and we now show how long until eject in inspect string.
    • Pleasure cycle mood bonus +10 -> +15.
    • Biotuning duration 60 days -> 80 days
    • Deconstruct yield 50% -> 25%.
    • Construct cost Component 3 components -> Component 4 components.
    • No longer heal missing eyes if the pawn's ideoligion approves of blindness.
    • No longer removes Gastro-analyzer.
    • Fix: Biosculpter nutrition not incremented if same food def added to pod before and after biosculpter update.
  • Version/1.4.3523 or later - Minimum age reduction age reduced from 18 to 13.