Ship chunk

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Ship chunk

Ship chunk

A chunk of a spacecraft. It seems to have been torn off either by uncontrolled re-entry forces or some kind of weapon. Having landed not long ago, it still contains useful resources which you can acquire by deconstructing it.

Base Stats



2 × 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind


Deconstruct yield
Steel 20 + Component 5 - 6
Destroy yield
Steel slag chunk 2 + Component 1

A ship chunk is a 2x2 sized piece of destroyed ship that has crashed onto the map. It cannot be hauled to a stockpile zone, it can be only disassembled at its location for 20 steel and 5-6 components. 1-4 fall from the sky in a group in a event, and in the Crashlanded scenario you start with 3 randomly placed on your map.

You will be notified about the event by a message at the top of the screen saying: "Chunks of a spacecraft have impacted nearby...", followed by a rumble of the impact, but no envelope icon to the right of the screen. Hovering over the message will display an arrow pointing towards the ship chunk and clicking on the message will take you to it.

They are a nice source of components, and, along with mining compacted machinery and traders, will be your main source of components after your initial inventory runs out and before you research Fabrication. They will help to tide you over until you are able to build a fabrication bench.

Like other chunks, they can serve as a source of cover.

While the ship chunks themselves have no value, items from their deconstruction will increase colony's wealth as normal.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.1.2654 - Now leave a component if killed, even if not deconstructed.