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Ruins are structures spawned in every biome except for the ice sheet. They may consist of damaged walls, columns, stelae, urns, and stone flooring. They can be deconstructed for quick resources in the early game or be utilized as cover when on the offensive. Ruins can be molded to blend with a mountain. If an undamaged wall is present on a mountainous ruin, the structure may likely be an ancient shrine. If the Ideology DLC is present, ancient ruined structures will also appear to further enhance the roleplaying aspect, providing further evidence of human habitation. These are purely decorative, cannot be deconstructed, and can only be removed by attacking it.

Version history

  • 1.1 - Redesigned the system for generating ruined buildings on map start to make much more varied and interesting ruins. Perviously they tend to be rectangles with some clutter furniture.