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An ancient-style decorative container.

Base Stats

5 kg


1 × 1
Cover Effectiveness


Stuff Tags
Metallic, Stony
Deconstruct yield
Stuff 10
Destroy yield
Stuff 5

An urn is a purely decorative structure of low value, and can only be found, not crafted.


Despite having a recipe, urns are not craftable. They are found in ruins on both colony and event maps, and in ancient shrines, in a variety of common materials. They can also be traded for with a wider variety of materials available.


They can be used as decoration in the early game, but as they do not have that much beauty, they would better be replaced with sculptures as soon as possible.

They can be sold for a few dozen silver in other faction bases or to most traders. They are usually damaged, which lowers the selling price, but can be repaired if they are installed in the home area, by choosing so in the right-click menu (this will also eventually be done when a pawn will have nothing else to do). Damage doesn't reduce their beauty, only their reselling price.

Deconstructing an urn yields 10 ingredients. It doesn't matter if they're minified or installed, nor does their percent damage matter. It's always 10 blocks for stone urns or 10 steel for steel urns, regardless.

Because urns weigh 5 kg and yield 10 units, players can catch a small break relative to weight by taking urns home from caravan maps:

  • 10 slate blocks (the lightest stone) weigh 8 kg, but the urn is only 5. You save 3 kg.
  • 10 sandstone blocks weigh 10 kg. You save 5 kg.
  • 10 limestone blocks weigh 11 kg. You save 6 kg.
  • 10 granite or marble blocks weigh 12.5 kg. You save 7.5 kg.

Steel urns break even. They also weigh 5 kg, but steel is 0.5 kg per unit, so 10 units weigh 5 kg. Still, it's a simple way to pick up a little more steel.

Due to the fact that the state of the urn (minified or damaged) doesn't affect yield, you can deconstruct minified ones right after unloading if you only want their materials.

Material Table[edit]

Despite other materials being defined as valid options for the urn, only the following types will ever spawn in game and thus they are the only available options.

  • Material Beauty Mass HP Flammability Market Value
    Granite 5 5 68 0% 29 Silver
    Limestone 5 5 62 0% 29 Silver
    Marble 8 5 48 0% 28 Silver
    Sandstone 6 5 56 0% 27 Silver
    Slate 6 5 52 0% 29 Silver
    Steel 5 5 40 40% 40 Silver
  • Trivia[edit]

    Despite having materials and a "Work To Make" defined, they are not actually craftable. Instead this value is used in its market value calculation only.