Animus stone

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Animus stone

Animus stone

An ancient jade stone marked with sacred tribal carvings. Tribal psycasters can focus on these stones during meditation to increase their psyfocus gain more than a typical nature shrine.
Different tribal cultures tell different stories about these stones, but most agree that they were crafted by an ancient world spirit during a time of great power. Since they look like natural objects to unobservant outsiders, raiders will generally ignore them.

Base Stats

Market Value
5000 Silver
5 kg


1 × 1

An Animus stone is a type of furniture added by the Royalty DLC at which a pawn can meditate to regain psyfocus.


Animus stones cannot be crafted, and must be either bought from traders or received as a quest reward.


Animus stones are a natural meditation focus. They have a base meditation focus strength of 34%.

Like other natural meditation foci, its effectiveness is limited by artificial buildings within a 35 tile radius. Note that this does not include flooring and torch lamps.

  • Artificial items in range 0 5 10 50
    Strength Offset -0% -6% -12% -22%
  • N.B. It is currently unclear if the following values are cut offs, or points in a processed curve fit to those values.

    Animus stones also give +2% psyfocus / day to nearby natural meditation foci, including other animus stones. Up to 4 additional animus stones can attach to a focus. Thus the maximum meditation focus of an animus stone is 42%, reached with a total of 5 animus stones.


    Animus stones are the strongest Natural meditation focus, 6% stronger than the anima tree. However, the anima tree has the benefit of the anima tree linking ceremony, giving pawns access to a higher level of psylink. If psyfocus is needed now, though, the animus stone is the best option for Natural meditation pawns.

    Compared to other foci, natural focus has the disadvantage in that they should be placed far from artificial buildings. This increases travel time and reduces efficiency of this focus. The animus stone has a high psyfocus power, but the travel time can end up making the animus stone less efficient than other types of foci.

    Version history[edit]

    • 1.1.2647 - Added.
    • 1.1.2654 - Increase psyfocus gain of animus stone from 25 to 34.