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Move Speed is a stat: Speed of movement in cells per second (c/s). A default Human has a base movement speed of 4.6 c/s.



First of all the following offsets are applied to the Move Speed Base value.


The following factors are applied after the Offsets.

External factors[edit]


  • Rain and Foggy rain: ×90%
  • Rainy thunderstorm and Hard snow: ×80%

Path cost[edit]

Floors, buildings, items and plants add path cost. Where each path cost adds about 7.7% to the time it would take the pawn to traverse this tile unhindered. The move speed factor can therefore be calculated like this:

move speed factor = 1 / (1 + path cost * 0.077)

For terrain, flooring and things with a path cost of 20 or below, a pawn is slowed down every time they enter a tile with that thing. For things with a path cost of 25 or above continuing walking on a thing with a path cost of 25 or higher doesn't slow the pawn down again (even if it gets higher).[Fact check] Walking over an item on a workbench slows the pawn down again, items on shelves have no additional effect, however.

Below is a selection of some common values. Minified things have a path cost of 14.

Path cost Move speed factor Examples (random)
0 100% Bonsai tree Content added by the Ideology DLCWall torch lampWall lampColumnPen marker
1 93% Burned floorStraw matting
2 87%
3 81%
4 76%
8 62%
10 56% Egg box
12 52%
14 48% Psytrainer Content added by the Royalty DLCHeavy furSmokeleaf plantDevilstrandSmashed stumpLuciferiumGene processor Content added by the Biotech DLCFibercorn Content added by the Ideology DLCHigh-explosive shellEMP shell... further results
20 39% Slab bed Content added by the Ideology DLCSlab double bed Content added by the Ideology DLC
24 35% Blood torch Content added by the Biotech DLC
25 34% Pew Content added by the Ideology DLCKneel pillow Content added by the Ideology DLCKneel sheet Content added by the Ideology DLC
30 30% Mech node Content added by the Royalty DLCHydroponics basinAgaveEnd tableGiant rafflesiaProximity activator Content added by the Royalty DLCAlocasiaBryoluxCouchAgarilux... further results
42 24% CampfireBedHospital bedTeak treeMech booster Content added by the Biotech DLCMaple treeBiosculpter pod Content added by the Ideology DLCBilliards tableTube televisionPalm tree... further results
50 21% Wood-fired generatorAncient wheel Content added by the Ideology DLCMini-slugger turret Content added by the Royalty DLCAncient stove Content added by the Ideology DLCBioferrite harvester Content added by the Anomaly DLCAncient jet engine Content added by the Ideology DLCRocketswarm launcherAncient large crate Content added by the Ideology DLCStonecutter's tableAncient ruined APC Content added by the Ideology DLC... further results
60 18% Ancient fence Content added by the Ideology DLC
80 14% Fence

You can see the path cost of every thing here.

Flooring and terrain[edit]

For flooring and terrain see the full list below. Note that pawns are slowed down continuously by terrain, but things on top of it with a path cost equal or below it, don't slow the pawn additionally.

  • Floor Move Speed Factor
    Burned floor 0.93
    Fungal gravel Content added by the Ideology DLC 0.87
    Rough stone 0.87
    Rough-hewn stone 0.93
    Straw matting 0.93
    • Other terrain
      • Chest-deep moving water: ×24%
      • Marsh, Shallow ocean water, Shallow water and Shallow moving water: ×30%
      • Marshy soil, Mud, Soft sand and Ice: ×48%
      • Sand: ×76%
      • Lichen-covered soil: ×81%
      • Soil, Stony soil, Rich soil: ×87%
    • Snow
      • Thin: ×76%
      • Medium: ×62%
      • Thick: ×52%


    Moving speed of a particular pawn can be calculated using the following formula:

    Move speed = (Base value + Offsets) × Factors × External factors

    Let us calculate how fast a human could possibly go. It would have the following values:

    Move speed = (4.6 c/s + 0.4 c/s + 0.4 c/s + 0.1 c/s) × (4.23 × 1.4) × 1 = 32.57 c/s
    1. Be aware that it is not possible to achieve this speed in a short time since the three hard drugs required to take have a 100% chance of causing a Minor Overdose and reducing Consciousness by 50%. 0.042 Overdose Severity is lost every hour so you would need to wait 1 to 6-hours between drugs.


    Offsets, such as the speed decrease from gear or traits, occurs before multiplicative factors such as Moving. So while a normal human moves at 4.6c/s, and a human in a flak vest moves at 4.48c/s for a difference of -0.12c/s, a pawn with 2 archotech legs would move at 6.9c/s while the same pawn in a flak vest would move at 6.72c/s for a difference of -0.18c/s. Similarly, jogger-traited human moves at 5.00c/s for a difference of 0.40/s compared to baseline, but a pawn with 2 archotech legs would move at 6.9c/s while the same pawn as a jogger would move at 7.50c/s for a difference of +0.60c/s.