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Move Speed is a Stat: Speed of movement in cells per second (c/s). A default Human has a base movement speed of 4.6 c/s.



First of all the following offsets are applied to the Move Speed Base value.


The following factors are applied after the Offsets.

  • Moving capacity: 100% importance, no allowed defect. No Max (effectively 311%).
  • Go frenzy (inspiration): ×140%
  • Light: Up to ×80% for light values of less than 30%. Blind and darkness-preferringContent added by the Ideology DLC humans are unaffected.

External factors

The following factors do not show up in the pawn stat GUI and are applied after the Post factors.

  • Floors and Terrain
    • Chest-deep moving water: ×22%
    • Marsh, Shallow ocean water, Shallow water and Shallow moving water: ×30%
    • Marshy soil: ×46%
    • Mud, Soft sand and Ice: ×52%
    • Sand: ×76%
    • Lichen-covered soil: ×81%
    • Soil, Stony soil, Rich soil, Rough stone and Rough-hewn stone: ×87%
    • Straw matting: ×93%
  • Snow
    • Thin: ×76%
    • Medium: ×62%
    • Thick: ×52%
  • Weather
    • Rain and Foggy rain: ×90%
    • Rainy thunderstorm and Hard snow: ×80%


Maximum speed of 29.61 c/s vs base speed of 4.6 c/s

Moving speed of a particular pawn can be calculated using the following formula:

Move speed = (Base value + Offsets) × Factors × External factors

Let us calculate how fast a human could possibly go. It would have the following values:

Move speed = (4.6 c/s + 0.4 c/s) × (4.23 × 1.4) × 1 = 29.61 c/s
  1. Be aware that it is not possible to achieve this speed in a short time as 3 hard drugs have a 100% chance of causing a Minor Overdose and reducing Consciousness by 50%. 0.042 Overdose Severity is lost every hour so you would need to wait 1 to 6-hours between drugs.


Offsets, such as the speed decrease from gear or traits, occurs before multiplicative factors such as Moving. So while a normal human moves at 4.6c/s, and a human in a flak vest moves at 4.48c/s for a difference of -0.12c/s, a pawn with 2 archotech legs would move at 6.9c/s while the same pawn in a flak vest would move at 6.72c/s for a difference of -0.18c/s. Similarly, jogger-traited human moves at 5.00c/s for a difference of 0.40/s compared to baseline, but a pawn with 2 archotech legs would move at 6.9c/s while the same pawn as a jogger would move at 7.50c/s for a difference of +0.60c/s.