Frenzy inducer

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Frenzy inducer

Frenzy inducer

Base Stats

BuildingAnomaly (Buildings)
Market Value
495 Silver
50 kg


1 × 1
Terrain Affordance
-150 W


Required Research
Frenzy inducer
Work To Make
6,000 ticks (1.67 mins)
Resources to make
Shard 1 + Bioferrite 100
Deconstruct yield
Shard 0 - 1 + Bioferrite 50
Destroy yield
Shard 0 - 1 + Bioferrite 25

The Frenzy inducer is a building added by the Anomaly DLC that increases the move speed and Global Work Speed of pawns at the cost of worse mental breaks.


Frenzy inducers can be constructed once the frenzy inducer research project has been completed. Note that this research requires dark study to unlock. Each requires Shard 1 Shard, Bioferrite 100 Bioferrite and 6,000 ticks (1.67 mins) of work modified by the construction speed of the builder.


It has a range of 8 tiles in which it gives all human pawns the Frenzy field hediff, which slowly builds up over time, taking an in-game hour to increase by 30%, but taking around 5 times as long to dissipate the effect. Unlike the Sleep suppressor, it will not cause a mood debuff. However, it will cause all nearby mental breaks to become the Berserk mental state, no matter the hediff level or percentage, however the Dead calmContent added by the Biotech DLC gene takes priority over the frenzy inducer, leading to non-violent breaks instead.

The Frenzy field hediff progresses in several stages:


The Frenzy inducer can be very useful in creating very efficient pawns, especially if combined with other tools from Anomaly such as the Sleep suppressor and the Neurosis pulse Psychic ritual, the combination of three effects at their apex makes all pawns: have a ×0% Sleep Fall Rate, a ×50% Recreation fall rate, and a +50% Global work speed bonus, which is then further increased by a multiplicative bonus of ×150% by the Neurosis pulse, for a base total of +225%. However, this comes with the cost of inducing a −6 and −4 mood penalty, from the Sleep suppressor and Neurosis pulse ritual respectively, the latter worsening from an increased Psychic sensitivity, as well as increasing the Mental break threshold by 8%, making it easier for pawns to suffer from mental breaks, causing them to go berserk. This risk can be averted temporarily by using Mind-numb serum to prevent mental breaks at the cost of only -5% Consciousness, which does not directly affect Global work speed, but will affect General labor speed, as the loss in Consciousness will affect Manipulation.

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