Psychic ritual spot

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Psychic ritual spot

Psychic ritual spot

A spot for performing psychic rituals. Rituals can only be cast if the area around the ritual spot is unobstructed.

Base Stats

BuildingAnomaly (Buildings)


3 × 3
Terrain Affordance


Required Research
Void provocation
Work To Make
ticks (0 secs)

A Psychic ritual spot is a building added by the Anomaly DLC. It allows the player's colonists to commune with the void for Psychic rituals. It is unlocked via the Void Provocation dark research.


Psychic ritual spots do not require a colonist to construct or deconstruct, nor is there a cost, build time, or skill requirements for placing them. Instead, they are simply selected from the menu and placed directly by the player. On top of the spot itself, the surrounding tiles must also be free of any structures that would obstruct pawns or prevent them from standing there to place, and the ritual spot itself will not be usable if such obstructions are placed afterwards.


The Psychic ritual spot is used in performing all Psychic Rituals, which are unlocked from Anomaly research. Each ritual requires one pawn to be the Invoker, with up to four or six additional colonists able to participate as Chanters, depending on the ritual. All rituals except for Void Provocation also require either Bioferrite or a Shard which is consumed at the completion of the ritual, and rituals targeting a specific pawn require the pawn to able to walk or be carried to the ritual site, though they do not need to be conscious. Ghouls and Psychically Deaf pawns cannot be a participant nor the target of a ritual.

ChildrenContent added by the Biotech DLC may participate in rituals in any position as long as they are not babies. The only exception is the Chronophagy ritual, where they cannot be the Invoker.

The quality of any ritual is based on the following factors.

-The Psychic sensitivity of the Invoker. An Invoker with 100% Sensitivity will grant a +12% bonus, this increases proportionally up to a maximum of +25% at 281% sensitivity.

-The number of Chanters. filling all spots (whether there are four or six) grants a +20% bonus, with each pawn contributing an equal portion of the bonus.

-The number and Quality of any nearby Void Sculptures, up to six sculptures. Normal and Good give +2% each, Excellent and Masterwork gives +3% each and legendary gives +5%.

-The number of nearby Shard Beacons. Each beacon provides an +8% bonus, to a max of +32% at four Beacons.

-Psychic ritual quality offset from the Psychic Ritual PreceptContent added by the Ideology DLC. Invokers and Chanters with Exalted Psychic Rituals will increase the quality by +10% * (Number of pawns participating/Number of pawns with precept), while pawns with the Disapproved precept will reduce it by −10% * (Number of pawns participating/Number of pawns with precept)



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