Bioferrite harvester

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Bioferrite harvester

Bioferrite harvester

When placed near a holding platform, this device draws biomass from the held entity and converts it to bioferrite. The harvester creates more bioferrite than manual extraction.

Larger entities generally produce more bioferrite. However, for most creatures, the process causes extreme discomfort, making the entity harder to contain.

Each holding platform can only support one harvester; however, each harvester can connect to multiple platforms.

Base Stats

BuildingAnomaly (Buildings)
Market Value
141 Silver [Note]
Path Cost


1 × 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind
-100 W


Required Research
Bioferrite harvesting
Work To Make
4,000 ticks (1.11 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 50 + Component 1
Deconstruct yield
Steel 25 + Component 0 - 1
Destroy yield
Steel 12 - 13 + Component 0 - 1

The bioferrite harvester is a building added by the Anomaly DLC that harvests bioferrite from nearby contained entities.


Bioferrite harvesters can be constructed once the bioferrite harvesting research project has been completed. Note that this research requires dark study to unlock. Each requires Steel 50 Steel, Component 1 Component and 4,000 ticks (1.11 mins) of work modified by the construction speed of the builder.


A bioferrite harvester will link to any nearby holding platforms or holding spots within a 3 tile radius. When powered, it uses 100 watts of electricity and reduces the containment strength of any linked containment buildings by 15. However, if the containment building contains an entity, the harvester will generate a steady supply of bioferrite. The rate of bioferrite generation depends on the type of entity contained. In general, larger and more advanced entities will produce more bioferrite.

A linked bioferrite harvester will continuously generate bioferrite until it fills its internal storage capacity of 60 bioferrite. When the internal storage is full, it will pause bioferrite harvesting until it is either emptied by a pawn or ejected manually via the "Eject Contents" gizmo when the building is selected. Any friendly pawn with the hauling work type enabled will periodically unload the stored bioferrite as long as the "bioferrite unloading" option is checked in the building's menu.


The total bioferrite yield of a bioferrite harvester depends on the number of linked containment buildings and the type of entity contained within.

The harvester will link with any number of holding platforms or holding spots within a 3 tile radius that are not blocked by a wall or building. Due to the size of the containment buildings, this effectively limits the number of linked buildings to 8, if placed in a square around the harvester.

Each linked containment building that contains an entity produces an amount of bioferrite determined by the contained entity's Body Size and Bioferrite Density stats. Health conditions or missing body parts do not effect the bioferrite yield of an entity.

The calculation used to determine the total bioferrite produced by an entity is (1 * Body Size * Bioferrite Density).

These stats may be viewed by selecting the entity contained within a containment building and pressing the info button. under the containment section there is an entry for "bioferrite generation". Hovering over this will show the stat breakdown.

The bioferrite density for any non-entity shambler (i.e human or animal) is considered to be 1, effectively making the bioferrite generation for any non-entity shambler equal to the Body Size stat for the original creature. This makes larger animals such as megasloths or thumbos attractive options for extraction as both will yield 4 bioferrite and only require a containment strength of 25.

The maximum possible bioferrite extracted by a single bioferrite harvester would be 57.6 from 8 Nociosphere at 7.2 each

Bioferrite Generation by Entity
Entity Name Bioferrite
per Day
# Needed to Fuel
1 Bioferrite Generator
Shambler (varies) (varies)
Ghoul 1.00 6
Fingerspike 1.20 5
Sightstealer 1.60 3.75
Toughspike 2.00 3
Trispike 2.00 3
Gorehulk 3.00 2
Noctol 3.00 2
Fleshmass nucleus 3.00 2
Chimera 3.225 1.86
Devourer 4.00 1.5
Revenant 4.00 1.5
Metalhorror 4.4 1.3
Bulbfreak 7.00 0.85
Nociosphere 7.20 0.83


Bioferrite is an extremely useful and versatile material, being used as a fuel source for Bioferrite Generators and as a crafting material for useful items and equipment as well as for use as offerings in Psychic Rituals. The bioferrite harvester is an extremely effective way to extract bioferrite from captured Entities. Compared to the "Bioferrite Extraction" operation, the bioferrite harvester produces twice as much bioferrite over the same time period and requires less colonist interaction for only the cost of 15 points of containement strength, 1 Component, 50 Steel and 100 watts of electricity.

The power drain of a bioferrite harvester can be nullified by using a Bioferrite Generator. For the cost of 6 bioferrite a day (equivalent to 2 gorehulks) a bioferrite generator will produce 4000 watts of electricity. This gives you an excess of 3900 watts, enough to power 39 more harvesters, making it an extremely efficient method for generating power, both terms of resources and colonist time. In terms of power generation, it is almost always worth building a harvester, as a single piece of bioferrite is worth roughly 666 watts of power generation for 24 hours.

The 15 point penalty to containment strength is a relatively minor concern compared to the benefits the harvester offers, however, if the containment platform's containment strength is very low or it houses a particularly dangerous entity, the penalty can be easily offset with either a Shard inhibitor or 2 Electric inhibitors. A shard inhibitor costs a Shard but is otherwise a cheap no-upkeep solution. if a shard isn't available then electric inhibitors are a decent solution, using 70 watts each, the bioferrite harvested will more than make up the difference.

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