Moisture pump

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Moisture pump

Moisture pump

Very slowly removes moisture from nearby terrain, converting marshes or shallow water into dry ground. Does not affect deep water.

Base Stats

Market Value
275 Silver.png [Note]
1 ˣ 1
Cover Effectiveness


Work To Make
1,500 ticks (25 secs)
Resources to make
Steel.png 75 + Component.png 4
Deconstruct yield
Steel 57 + Component 3

A moisture pump slowly removes moisture from nearby terrain, always providing buildable and sometimes arable land. Once built and powered, its radius expands continuously (approx. 8.7 days per tile radius), in a circle up to a maximum of 6.9 tiles after a year. Once the tiles are converted, the effect is permanent. Moisture pumps continue to draw power once they've reached their maximum radius. Moisture pumps cannot be manually turned off and must either have their power source disconnected or be deconstructed to stop them drawing power.

Moisture pumps may be built on bridges, greatly expanding their placement and the land that they can affect.

Once built and powered, moisture pumps instantly convert the tile directly beneath them if it can be converted. Mud, marsh and marshy soil are converted to soil. Soft sand is converted to sand. Shallow water and shallow ocean water are converted to stony soil, except in ice and sea ice biomes where they are converted to ice. All other terrain types are unaffected by moisture pumps, including moving water.

They require Moisture pump research to be built.

Moisture pump example.png