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Divides rooms. Powered operation allows people to move through the door without slowing down.

Base Stats



1 × 1
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
Depends on materials
-50 W


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 6
Work To Make
1,100 ticks (18.33 secs)
Stuff Tags
Metallic, Woody, Stony
Resources to make
Stuff 25 + Steel 40 + Component 2
Deconstruct yield
Stuff 12 - 13 + Steel 20 + Component 1
Destroy yield

Autodoors are powered doors that open and close a lot faster than regular doors of the same material.


Autodoors can be be constructed with Stuff 25 Stuff (Metallic/Woody/Stony, 250 for SMVs), Steel 40 Steel, Component 2 Components and 1,100 ticks (18.33 secs) after the autodoor technology has been researched.


The autodoor draws 50 W of power at all times. If not enough power is available or the door breaks down, it behaves exactly like a regular door of the same material.

Contrary to the in-game description, not all autodoors allow unimpeded movement. Actually, a powered autodoor opens at 400% speed. This means that all powered autodoors that are not made of stone indeed do not slow colonists down; move speeds that would be high enough to have an effect in this case are rarely achieved in practice. Stone autodoors, however, open only slightly faster than regular wooden doors.

The below animation shows a comparison of different door types and materials (the animals all have the same movement speed of 5 c/s, comparable to a fast human pawn).

Opening speed of various doors. Door materials from top to bottom: stone (manual), no door, steel (auto), wood (auto), stone (auto), steel (manual), wood (manual)


  • Work to build an autodoor is 130% the value of the corresponding regular door.
  • Most other relevant stats (except opening/closing speed) are unchanged from regular doors of the same material.


Autodoors open faster than regular doors, but are more expensive - building a large number of autodoors costs many components, and you need to power them. High traffic doors should be converted first. Before the late game, you should compare autodoors to wooden or held open doors:

  • A held open door takes no time to open. If a door does not need to be closed (e.g. a door safely inside your base where temperature control doesn't matter), then you can just keep it open, saving resources.
  • A wooden door opens relatively quickly. If a door needs to be closed, and is not opened frequently, then consider a wooden door. Since wooden doors have low HP, though, autodoors can be used in places you expect combat to happen.

Since autodoors not only open, but also close fast, they help when a pawn needs to flee from a threat. This means that compared to regular doors, autodoors are more likely to close before the pursuer can step through or block the door. This makes them good choices for main entrances to the base.

Material selection is also key. Generally speaking, autodoors are put in positions where their security matters, as otherwise an wooden or open door could be used instead.

  • Plasteel has the highest HP and is not flammable, but is expensive. Uranium has the 2nd highest HP, nonflammable, and somewhat cheaper than plasteel.
  • Steel has decent HP, and is cheaper than the above metals, but is flammable.
  • BioferriteContent added by the Anomaly DLC is flammable, but has the lowest wealth footprint of any material while boasting good HP and opening speed.
  • Stone autodoors open slower than other types of autodoors, though are still reasonably fast (opening slightly faster than regular wooden doors). They are cheap, have good HP, and are not flammable. Note that if the power goes out, then stone autodoors will open even slower. This can be a liability - a blackout situation can quickly turn into an emergency situation.

In the late game, where the material costs are irrelevant, then autodoors can be used anywhere you'd need a closed door.

Stats table

  • Autodoor Autodoor Beauty Work to Build HP Flamma­bility Door
    Bioferrite Bioferrite Content added by the Anomaly DLC 0 002,750 ticks (45.83 secs) 320 75% 400% 169 Silver
    Gold Gold 20 000,990 ticks (16.5 secs) 96 40% 400% 2,645 Silver
    Granite blocks Granite blocks 0 006,740 ticks (1.87 mins) 272 0% 180% 187 Silver
    Limestone blocks Limestone blocks 0 006,740 ticks (1.87 mins) 248 0% 180% 187 Silver
    Marble blocks Marble blocks 1 006,190 ticks (1.72 mins) 192 0% 180% 185 Silver
    Plasteel Plasteel 0 002,420 ticks (40.33 secs) 448 0% 400% 375 Silver
    Sandstone blocks Sandstone blocks 0 005,640 ticks (1.57 mins) 224 0% 180% 183 Silver
    Silver Silver 6 001,100 ticks (18.33 secs) 112 40% 400% 395 Silver
    Slate blocks Slate blocks 0 006,740 ticks (1.87 mins) 208 0% 180% 187 Silver
    Steel Steel 0 001,100 ticks (18.33 secs) 160 40% 400% 192 Silver
    Jade Jade 10 005,500 ticks (1.53 mins) 80 0% 400% 285 Silver
    Uranium Uranium 0 002,090 ticks (34.83 secs) 400 0% 300% 295 Silver
    Wood Wood 0 000,770 ticks (12.83 secs) 104 100% 480% 173 Silver
  • Styles[edit]

    Ideoligions allow the selection of styles which then change the texture of the certain items and buildings when constructed by the colony. These style variants can be crafted if the colony has the selected style, or can be looted from raiders from factions with the requisite style.

    Version history[edit]

    • 1.3.3066 - Doors not owned by the player can be forbidden.