Ultratech medicine

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Ultratech medicine

A kit of advanced ultra-tech medical supplies, probably manufactured on a distant glitterworld. It contains advanced polymorphic drugs, nanite diagnostic and healing assisters, a mini-imager, and various multi-use tools.

Exotic Item
Stack Limit

Base Stats

Deterioration Rate
Market Value
Max Hit Points
Medical Potency

Stat Modifiers

Ultratech medicine is produced using highly advanced techniques and technology only found on Glitterworlds. It is the most powerful medicine in RimWorld, being more than twice as powerful as ordinary medicine, and four times as powerful as herbal medicine. Like other medicines, ultratech medicine is used in doctoring practices.

In terms of ultratech medicine's optimal use in regards to its medical potency: Ultratech medicine is best used in surgical operations and bringing people from the brink of death when it comes to diseases such as the dreaded plague. In the case of wound treatment and normal disease treatment, ultratech medicine is significantly overkill unless you have a highly incompetent doctor who simply can't get the job done with ordinary medicine. Even a healthy level 5 doctor will be guaranteed success when it comes to surgery with ultratech medicine, providing that room sanitation isn't plain awful.

The only way to obtain it is to purchase it from exotic goods traders or faction bases for around 55 - 70 silver. This is still exceptionally good value from the perspective that you're getting a medicine that can guarantee surgery success for not even 100 silver.

Version history

In Beta 19 the name was changed from Glitterworld medicine to Ultratech medicine, a new description was added, and its market price was cut in half to 50 silver. It also received a slight retexture.