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For a humorous rendition of this page, see Trees/Humor.

Trees are a type of plant. They can either be native to the Biome or planted by the player in a growing zone. They are vulnerable to fire and leave behind burnt trees when burnt. Cutting them down yields wood, a resource to craft weapons, make furniture, feed the wood-fired generator, and more. While in real life Cacti and Bamboo technically aren't trees, in RimWorld they are included in this category.

  • Teak, Cecropia, Palm and Bamboo are native to Tropical biomes.
  • Oak and Poplar are native to temperate biomes.
  • Cacti and Poplar are native to Arid biomes (only Cacti in Extreme Desert). Cacti are unique in that they have a fertility sensitivity of 0% and minimum fertility of 5%.
  • Birch and Pine are native to colder biomes (barring Ice Sheet and Sea Ice).
  • Cocoa is not native to any biome.


Trees are natural food sources for Dendrovores like Alphabeavers and Thrumbos.


This image shows how forbidding floor placement stops incorrect placing of trees. Form a similar pattern in a growing zone and marvel at the sudden lack of stupidity in your colonists.

Trees that are native to your colony's biome may be planted once tree sowing has been researched by growers with a Plants skill of 6+. However, growing Cocoa trees requires further research and may be planted by growers with a Plants skill of 8+. Trees are different from other crops in that they require at least a one tile distance from other crops as well as each other, including wild trees. Farmers will automatically cut wild trees for this. Native trees are immune to blight, but cocoa trees are not.

Trees may not be grown under roofs. This means that trees may not be grown in completely closed greenhouses. They may only be grown in greenhouses with roofs open in a grid pattern, that leak a lot of temperature-controlled air.

Colonist have a very annoying habit of planting trees in very inefficient patterns, drastically reducing yield unnecessarily. However, there is a way to stop this without constant micromanagement (see image). Other methods include:

  • Forbidding building (see image)
  • Make a pattern of 1 tile grow zones, which all can be selected with doubleclick and easily managed
  • Build a roof with 1 tile holes on top of several columns
  • Pave walkways, which makes designating 1 tile grow zones easier and helps with filth/walk speed


If the ambient temperature drops below freezing, trees will cease to grow until they return to their comfortable range again (including Pine trees that are native to cold biomes). Some trees will instantaneously shed all of their leaves at -2°C, while sturdier specimens will hold out until -10°C. This range differs from tree to individual tree. If the temperature remains at a comfortable level for at least a day, their leaves will magically reappear.


At 40% growth, it is possible to obtain 50% of their yield. Cacti can be cut at 20%. Note that the Growth Time in the below table assumes 24hr growth. Trees don't grow between 19h and 6h. Note that environmental factors such as temperature and light levels further negatively influence growth speed.


Trees can be used for cover in combat. Most trees provide 25% cover, except:

Comparison table

Tree Grow Days Real Grow Days Harvest Yield Wood per Day[A] Fertility Sensitivity Wood per Work
Oak tree 30 55.38 46 0.83 0.5 0.0085
Cypress tree 35 64.61 60 0.93 0.5 0.0103
Maple tree 27 49.85 27 0.54 0.5 0.0056
Drago tree 15 27.69 25 0.9 0.5 0.0053
Saguaro cactus 5 9.23 15 1.63 0 0.0035
Poplar tree 15.05 27.78 27 0.97 0.5 0.0056
Pine tree 20 36.92 27 0.73 0.5 0.0056
Birch tree 20 36.92 27 0.73 0.5 0.0056
Teak tree 32.5 60 60 1 0.5 0.0103
Palm tree 14 25.85 18 0.7 0.5 0.0039
Bamboo tree 12 22.15 10 0.45 0.5 0.0022
Cecropia tree 14 25.85 18 0.7 0.5 0.0039
Willow tree 13 24 27 1.13 0.5 0.0056
FibercornContent added by the Ideology DLC 6 11.08 2 0.18 [B] 0.1 0.0043
TimbershroomContent added by the Ideology DLC 20 36.92 25 0.68 0.5 0.0052
^A Wood per Day is calculated as Harvest Yield divided by Real Grow Days, and assumes 100% soil fertility
^B Unlike most tree and tree equivalents, this plant can be grown in hydroponics. This means Wood/Day may not be directly comparable depending on where the item is planted.

Version History

  • 0.10.785 - No longer sowable. Change reverted in A10B of same update. A10C increase sowing time.