Gauranlen moss

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Gauranlen moss

Gauranlen moss

Symbiotic moss that grows near Gauranlen trees.

Base Stats

10 (10)

Plant Stats

Time to grow
5 days (9.23 days)
Work to Harvest
200 ticks (3.33 secs)
Min Fertility
Fertility Sensitivity

Gauranlen moss is spawned after Gauranlen tree connection ceremony is finished. For every 2% of expected connection ceremony quality additional tile of Gauranlen moss will spawn within 7 tiles of the Gauranlen tree. The moss has a beauty of 10. It will spread flames, but cannot be burnt down itself. The moss goes through regular cycles of dying and regrowing on approximately a 15 day cycle. It can grow on any tile with fertility and does not require light.

while it is not essential to the operation of the gauranlen tree, like anima grass Content added by the Royalty DLC is to the anima tree,Content added by the Royalty DLC the moss is still useful for keeping pruners happy by providing Beauty without negatively impacting pruning speed like a sculpture would. This can be replaced with high beauty. While floors can also serve in a similar role, floors with equivalent beauty are exceedingly expensive.


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