Berry bush

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Berry bush

Berry bush.png

A bushy wild plant which yields delicious berries. Berries can be cooked, but they're also good to eat even when raw.


Base Stats

Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

Berry bushes are a plant that naturally occurs in arid shrublands, boreal forests, temperate forests, tropical rainforests, and tundras. As with any other bush-type plant, berry bush's growth progress goes back to 30% when harvested, and they can't be grown by the player. A mature berry bush yields 10 berries.


Berry bushes are functionally similar to agave, with the minor differences being that berries don't produce a negative thought when eaten raw, and agave plants can grow in 30% fertile ground and above. The latter currently makes no real gameplay difference though, as the soil below gravel in terms of fertility is sand with a 6% rating.

Version History

  • Version ? - Renamed from raspberry bush. Now takes longer to grow.