Rice plant

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Rice plant

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A low grain plant that thrives in rich soil and yields food fast, but is not nice to eat uncooked.


Base Stats

Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

Rice plants grow faster, but provide less food per harvest, than any other crop. Each plant has a base maturation time of 3 days (or 5.54 days when accounting for nightly resting period) and provides 6 rice per harvest.

Comparison to Other Crops

Rice Plants' daily nutrition is slightly higher than corn (102.7%) and potatoes (105.4%, in regular soil), however rice's greatest strength is its quick growth: the short maturation time makes it ideal for establishing a colony, as an 'emergency' food crop when food runs low, for biomes with short growing seasons, and as a 'last planting' crop when winter is fast approaching. The frequent harvests also mitigate the damage of losing of a crop to blight, cold snap, heat wave, or fire, and provides a steadier flow of nutrition than slower-growing crops. However, it also means rice requires far more labour to reap and sow for the same nutrition compared to potatoes (183%) and especially corn (366%), and for this reason it is not usually recommended as the primary foodsource past midgame.

These strengths and weaknesses are multiplied in fertile soil and hydroponics basins.

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