Rice plant

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Rice plant

A low grain plant that thrives in rich soil and yields food fast, but is not nice to eat uncooked.


Base Stats

Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

Rice plants yields up to 6 rice after 3 days (or 5.54 days when accounting for nightly resting period) until harvest, making it the most productive crop(in regard of base yield per day) and the fastest food supply to establish a colony, ideal for limited growing seasons, but also makes it the most labor-intensive plant to farm.

It can be grown in hydroponics basin and reaches a growth rate of 280%. However, if planted in soil with less than 100% fertility, such as gravel, a rice plant may randomly die during growth and only a small percentage survive long enough to harvest. Thanks to this, Rice plants are recommended in biomes like a temperate forest or temperate swamp where there is plenty of soil and rich soil.