Saguaro cactus

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Saguaro cactus

A large cactus native to arid Earth environments.


Base Stats

Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

Saguaro cacti are a plant that naturally occurs in arid shrublands, deserts, and extreme deserts. Saguaro cacti require Plants skill level 6 to sow. A mature saguaro cactus yields 10 wood.


Saguaro cacti have a base growing time of 5 days, need a minimum soil fertility of 5%, and have a fertility sensitivity rating of 0%. The following table details how long it takes for saguaro cacti to grow in each growable ground type, factoring in the plant resting time and being in ideal growing conditions:

Ground Type Sand Gravel Soil Rich Soil Hydroponics
Fertility (%) 6 70 100 140 230
Grow Time (days) 8.64 8.64 8.64 8.64 -
Base Yield/day[1] 1.16 1.16 1.16 1.16 -
  1. Per plant

Although saguaro cacti have the highest yield per day out of any wood-yielding plant in gravel and soil owing to its non-existent fertility sensitivity, they only share third place with oak trees in rich soil for the same reason. Since saguaro cacti can't be grown by the player; poplar trees still remain as the best plant to grow for wood in the game.

Saguaro cacti are also unique in the respect that they are the only product-yielding plant that can grow in sand.

Food Production

Unlike in real life, saguaro cacti don't yield any human-edible products in RimWorld.


The saguaro cactus' raw product is wood, which has a market value of 1.4 silver. The refined product with the largest profit margin is a grand sculpture, having a 51.25%[1] profit margin. The following table details silver per day, per plant. It only factors in the 50% selling markdown; the market value of the products; and the yield per day:

Ground Type Sand Gravel Soil Rich Soil Hydroponics
Raw 0.81 0.81 0.81 0.81 -
Refined 1.23 1.23 1.23 1.23 -
  1. 110% sell price multiplier and assuming normal quality. Your mileage may vary; see quality for more information on skill level's impact on the average market value of produced goods.