Gauranlen tree

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Gauranlen tree

Gauranlen tree

A large, distinctive-looking tree with a unique life-cycle. Each Gauranlen tree contains a small non-conscious dryad queen. The queen births creatures called dryads which guard and tend the tree. In exchange, the tree nurtures its protectors by feeding them directly. From the outside, it appears the dryads are created by the tree directly and act as part of it.
It is possible for a person to form a connection with a Gauranlen tree and partially control the dryads it produces.
Some say Gauranlen trees are the homes of nature spirits that follow humanity across worlds.

Base Stats

6 (6)
Path Cost


pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind



Plant Stats

Time to grow
10 days (18.46 days)
Work to Harvest
800 ticks (13.33 secs)
Base Harvest Yield
35 Wood
Min Fertility
Fertility Sensitivity
Min light to grow

Gauranlen tree exclusion radius

The Gauranlen tree is a tree added by the Ideology DLC. It produces and supports dryads. The tree reaches its largest size after 10 days since planting, although this is purely visual.

They can be eaten by alphabeavers but not by thrumbos, despite both being dendrovores. It is immune to Toxic fallout.


Gauranlen trees are grown from a Gauranlen seed, which must be harvested from a gauranlen pod. Gauranlen pods are spawned as an event that occurs roughly every 60 days (30 days with the Tree Connection meme), or as a successful ritual reward. Harvesting a pod yields 1-2 Garuanlen seed.

These seeds can be planted on any tile with a fertility stat. It cannot be planted closer than 4 tiles to another Gauranlen tree, or within 1 tile from any other tree or cactus. It also cannot be placed within 1 tile of a growing zone. However, if planted within 7 tiles of an artificial structure, the tree will experience a greater connection strength decay over time.

Like the anima treeContent added by the Royalty DLC and polux treeContent added by the Biotech DLC, but unlike other trees, Gauranlen trees cannot be moved.

Gauranlen trees heal slowly over time.[How fast?]

Gauranlen moss[edit]

The tree will continously sprout gauranlen moss when it is planted. The moss has a beauty of +10, but serves no other purpose. It must be cut if growing other plants. It will spread flames, but cannot be burnt down itself. It can grow on any tile with fertility and does not require light.

Linking Ceremony[edit]

An unconnected Gauranlen tree can produce up to 2 immature dryads. For the tree to produced specialized dryads, a colonist must connect with the tree through a connection ceremony.

The ceremony requires at minimum 1 connector capable of Plant Cutting. Spectators will increase the quality of the ceremony, with each spectator over one adding an additional 10% expected ceremony quality. Depending on quality, the connection strength will start between 25% and 45%. For every 2% of expected connection quality, additional tile with gauranlen moss will spawn within 7 tile of gauranlen tree.

Even if connection reaches 0%, the pawn and tree will remain linked. The only way to break this link is for the connected colonist to die or be kidnapped by an enemy. Even if the colonist is resurrected or returned to a colony, the connection will be severed. There is a 30-day[Verify] cooldown between the unlink and relinking.

Once you have linked to a tree, you can select a dryad caste. One tree can only have 1 caste of dryads, though you can have multiple dryads of that caste. Note that the connected pawn must have the "Basic" work type assigned to change the dryad caste after you have selected one.


In order for the tree to produce and sustain dryads, a linked pawn must prune it. Pruning builds up connection with the tree - the amount of connection determines how many dryads are sustained at once. Connection can be viewed by selecting the tree.

  • Connection 5% 25% 50% 75%
    Dryads 1 2 3 4
  • It is recommended to keep connection strength above the desired threshold, as connection will fall even if pruned. If connection ever falls below the threshold, then dryads will merge back into the tree, and will have to be spawned again.

    Regardless of connection strength, there is an 6 day timer between spawning each immature dryad. This time will tick down even if the tree is unconnected, or if connection strength is too low to support more dryads. Once a dryad has spawned, it will take 5 more days for a dryad to mature into a selected dryad caste.


    Connection decays every day, by an amount dependent on the current connection level:

    • Connection decays by -2.6% / day at any level, except 0%.
    • Decay is increased by (-0.6% / day) per connection strength.
    • Decay maxes out at -6% day, at 65-70% connection strength.

    Basically, the more dryads are sustained, the more pruning you will have to do per day.

    Artificial buildings

    Any artificial building in the Gauranlen tree's 7-tile range will increase connection decay by up to -6.2% / day. The amount of decay is dependent solely on how close the nearest artificial building is. Having multiple buildings does not impact connection decay.

    In tile proximity to decay rate: 7 tiles : -1.7%, 6 tiles : -2.4%, 5 tiles : -3.2%, 4 tiles : -4%, 3 tiles : -4.7%, 2 tiles : -5.5%, 1 tile : -6.2%.


    Pruning is done to maintain a tree's connection status. It is considered a Plant Cut task in the work tab, done before any other plant-cut related task. You can adjust how much Connection a pawn will prune to by selecting the tree.

    Pruning speed is determined by the Pruning Speed stat. This stat is based on Global Work Speed and Plants skill. In addition, the Tree Connection meme gives +25% to pruning speed, applied after skills. Tree Connection gives the pruning speed boost through the Gauranlen Connection precept. Pruning is not impacted by health factors like Consciousness or Manipulation, so damaged pawns can prune just as well as healthy ones.

    There's a 10,000 ticks (4 in-game hours) mandatory break time between two prunings of a gauranlen tree - this applies even if the first pruning was interrupted, such as by drafting, and it cannot be circumvented even if no other option is available to them by their work types and schedule. They will instead idle until they the time has elapsed.[Cooldown per tree?]

    When a pawn is connected to multiple gauranlen trees, they prioritize pruning the tree with the biggest difference between desired connection strength and current.

    A baseline pawn at Plants 8 will have 100% pruning speed, and will prune at 1%/hr. A pawn of this skill would need to prune for 6 hours per day to maintain 4 dryads.

    While pruning, pawns earn XP at about the same rate as normal plant work, but won't have to move, and therefore get more XP/hour.

    Other Ideoligion Interactions[edit]

    In addition to the speed boost, a pawn with Gauranlen Connection precept will get a non-stacking +3 moodlet for being connected to a tree. When not connected to a tree, they will get a mood penalty (scaling with colony expectations).

    The gauranlen tree counts as a "super" tree to pawns with the Trees: Desired precept, and will give the "amazing tree" thought to such pawns.


    In order to get and sustain 4 dryads, you will have to prune each tree from 3.6 hours (Tree Connection, Plants 20) to 6 hours (Plants 8), before Global Work Speed. This is 3.6 - 6+ hours spent per day just to sustain the dryads. Sustaining 1 tree with 4 dryads is more efficient than 2 trees with 2 dryads, due to 2 trees losing connection faster.

    How much benefit you'll get depends on the dryad in question:

    • Woodmaker: Woodmakers are space-efficient, but not work efficient compared to growing any other tree. Also can survive in extreme cold/heat.
      • If you can't harvest trees, then somewhat competitive with fibercorn. With Tree Connection, Plants 14 dryads are equal to Plants 14 fibercorn. At higher plants skill, or with a Plants specialist, fibercorn becomes better for wood per work.
    • Berrymaker & Medicinemaker: Unless you are unable to grow plants at all, then the dryads are worse than their plant equivalent.
    • Barkskin & Clawer: Combat dryads, controlled just like an animal trained to Attack. Unlike animals, dryads can regenerate from all permanent wounds and even luciferium addiction by resting for 3 days. Both dryads are not great in solo combat, but can work together with colonists. It's a huge time cost, but can be useful.
    • Carrier: 1 pawn can sustain 4 half-speed haulers for a full waking day, for less than a full day's of work. If you don't need things hauled constantly, then you still have to prune the tree (or face a 5-day minimum penalty).
    • Gaumaker: Another way to create gauranlen trees. Useful for the Tree Connection moodlet, and only available with Tree Connection.

    Because light impacts Global Work Speed, you'll want to place a standing lamp 8-9 tiles away. Alternately, you can place a torch lamp anywhere near the tree.

    Using gauranlen trees in grow zones
    As mentioned before, the Gauranlen tree is a tree and requires a 3 by 3 space around it to not be cut down. They can't be placed within 4 tiles of another gauranlen tree, so maximizing area to trees, you can have 4 trees in a 6*6 area(note that an additional 7 tiles from each side cannot have buildings without impeding connection). The ratio of tiles occupied by a tree to tiles occupied by a grow zone is 9:16, making for a 5*5 repeating pattern around each tree. At each protruding corner, where you shouldn't have walls, more grow tiles can be put in (as long as it's arable soil). Thus it is efficient to use the tree in this way if space available is an important factor.


    Cutting down a connected Gauranlen tree will kill all of its dryads and give a -15 mood to the connected pawn for 10 days. It will also prevent the previously connected pawn from connecting to a different tree until the mood debuff is gone. It will get selected for cutting using the chop tree drag command, so be careful.


    Version history[edit]

    • Ideology DLC Release - Added.
    • 1.3.3069 - Connecting to a Gauranlen tree gives 25-45% connection strength to the connector depending on ritual quality. Psychically deaf pawns cannot connect with Gauranlen trees.
    • 1.3.3072 - Gauranlen trees heal slowly over time. When a pawn is connected to multiple gauranlen trees, they prioritize pruning the tree with the biggest difference between desired connection strength and current.
    • 1.3.3074 - Prevent thrumbos from eating Gauranlen trees.
    • 1.3.3076 - Pruning is now based on pruning speed stat.
    • 1.3.3101 - Dryad spawn days reduced from 8 to 6. Reduced dryad transform delay from 6 days to 5 days.
    • 1.4.3523 - Fix: Global work speed not applying to pruning speed.