Gauranlen tree

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Gauranlen tree

Gauranlen tree

A large, distinctive-looking tree with a unique life-cycle. Each Gauranlen tree contains a small non-conscious dryad queen. The queen births creatures called dryads which guard and tend the tree. In exchange, the tree nurtures its protectors by feeding them directly. From the outside, it appears the dryads are created by the tree directly and act as part of it.
It is possible for a person to form a connection with a Gauranlen tree and partially control the dryads it produces.
Some say Gauranlen trees are the homes of nature spirits that follow humanity across worlds.

Base Stats

6 (6)
Path Cost


pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind



Plant Stats

Time to grow
10 days (18.46 days)
Work to Harvest
800 ticks (13.33 secs)
Base Harvest Yield
35 Wood
Min Fertility
Fertility Sensitivity

Gauranlen tree exclusion radius

The Gauranlen tree is a tree added by the Ideology DLC. It produces and supports dryads. The tree reaches its largest size after 10 days since planting, although this is purely visual.

They can be eaten by alphabeavers but not by thrumbos, despite both being dendrovores. It is immune to Toxic fallout.


Gauranlen seeds can be planted on any tile with a fertility stat, but if planted within 7 tiles of artificial structures the tree will experience greater connection strength decay over time. It cannot be planted closer than 4 tiles to another Gauranlen tree, or within 1 tile of a grow zone, tree or cactus, and cannot be placed on top of bushes. Grow zones can be placed around a tree, as long as it's arable soil (not sand, as the trees can be planted on sand), but must be at least one tile away from the tree in all directions, as with other trees, plants *excluding grass*, cannot be within one tile. Plants are not manmade and thus do not affect connection decay. Planting plants on top of the moss will require a pawn to remove the moss, as with grass. They can be placed adjacent to walls, inciting the connection decay penalty. Until connected, gauranlen trees will spawn up to two immature dryads.


For the tree to produce any specialized dryads a colonist must connect with the tree through a connection ceremony. The ceremony requires at minimum 1 connector that is not incapable of plant cutting. Additional spectators will increase the quality of the ceremony, with each spectator over one adding an additional 10% expected connection quality. Depending on quality, the connection strength will start between 25% and 45%. For every 2% of expected connection quality additional tile with Gauranlen moss will spawn within 7 tile of gauranlen tree.

You may select the dryad caste after the ceremony is completed. The connection made after the ceremony is permanent, even if the connection strength drops to 0%. The only way to break the connection is for the connected colonist to die, after which a 30-day countdown will ensue until another pawn may connect to the tree. The dryads connected to the tree will enter into cocoons and reform into immature dryads.

  • Connection % Num. Dryads
    5% 1
    25% 2
    50% 3
    75% 4
  • You can see the connection strength your colonist has with the tree by selecting the tree. It ranges from 0% to 100%, and the colonist must prune the tree to increase their connection with it. The stronger the connection the more dryads that tree can produce and support. A tree can support an additional dryad at 5%, 25%, 50%, and 75% connection strength (75% allowing the maximum 4 dryads connected). It is recommended to aim for a higher connection than you desire, since the connection will continue to fall even if recently pruned, including overnight. It is recommended to not have more than 1 gauranlen connection per pawn, since maintaining 2 will take 10-15 hours a day, and leaves almost no room to regain connection strength if some is lost by the pawn not pruning the tree.

    Should the pawn connected to the tree get kidnapped or die, the connection to the tree will be severed and there will be a 28 day delay before another connection can be made. This delay cannot be avoided, even if the originally connected pawn has been rescued or resurrected - a connection cannot be made or reestablished until the time has elapsed.

    Connection Decay and buildings

    Connection decay depends on nearby buildings and the current connection level. It starts out at 0% decay with 0 connection strength and 2.6% at any level above 0%, then subsequently increases by .6% decay/day/10% connection strength, capping out at 6% connection decay at around 65-70% connection strength.

    If there are any nearby buildings, connection decay is increased by up to 6.2% as a flat rate, meaning connection will continue to decay even at 0% connection strength, total connection decay does not exceed 12%/day. This is affected by closeness to the tree. In tile proximity to decay rate; 7:1.7, 6:2.4, 5:3.2, 4:4, 3:4.7, 2:5.5, 1:6.2. Only the closest building is counted. Natural walls (rock) do not affect decay, nor do their smoothed counterparts. Also, hoopstones, campfires, and floors seem to be exceptions and do not apply the penalty.


    Pruning the tree is done to maintain the tree's connection status with its connected pawn. Pruning is an activity under Plant Cut and will be prioritized according to the plant cut work priority. The speed at which pruning is done is governed by the Pruning Speed stat, which is affected by plants skill and a bonus factor if the pawn follows an ideoligion with the Guaranlen Connection precept that can accompany the Tree connection meme. The Gauranlen Connection precept is only applied to Tree Connection ideliogions if it is the player's starting ideliogion, or the Ancient's ideliogion (i.e. if you recruit a pawn in a ideliogion with tree connection but your starting religion doesn't have it, they will not get the speed buff).

    According to the in-game description: Pruning is more of a contemplative psychic task than a physical one, so health factors like vision are unimportant. (bionics, field hands, plants specialists etc. have no effect on pruning speed)

    At plants skill 8, pruning speed is 100%, and the pawn prunes at a rate of 1%/hr.

    Plants skill Pruning speed (%) Time to maintain 100% (hrs) Tree connection pruning speed (%) (TC) Time to maintain 100% (hrs)
    0 92 8.2 115 6.5
    1 93 7.8 116 6.3
    2 94 7.5 117 6.0
    3 95 7.2 119 5.8
    4 96 6.9 120 5.6
    5 97 6.7 121 5.3
    6 98 6.4 122 5.2
    7 99 6.2 124 5.0
    8 100 6.0 125 4.8
    9 101 5.8 126 4.7
    10 102 5.7 128 4.6
    11 103 5.5 129 4.4
    12 104 5.4 130 4.3
    13 105 5.3 131 4.2
    14 106 5.1 132 4.1
    15 107 5.0 134 4.0
    16 108 4.9 135 3.9
    17 109 4.8 136 3.8
    18 110 4.7 138 3.7
    19 111 4.6 139 3.7
    20 112 4.5 140 3.6

    While Pruning, pawns earn XP at about the same rate as normal plant work, but won't have to move and therefore get more XP/hour.

    Obtaining a Gauranlen Seed

    Gauranlen seeds can be harvested from a gauranlen pod. Harvesting yields 1-2 Gauranlen Seed. Gauranlen Pods are spawned as an event that can be triggered naturally (similar to ambrosia sprouts) or as a successful religious event reward.

    Gauranlen moss

    Gauranlen moss is spawned upon planting on tiles within 7 tiles of the tree. The moss has a beauty of 10. It will spread flames, but cannot be burnt down itself. The moss goes through regular cycles of dying and regrowing on approximately a 15 day cycle. It can grow on any tile with fertility and does not require light.

    Gauranlen interaction with religion

    There is a Gauranlen connection precept that sometimes follows the Tree connection meme, pawns in an ideology with that precept will want a Gauranlen connection. If a pawn in the same religion does have a connection, they get a non-stacking +3 mood bonus. It counts as a tree in interacting with the Precept Trees. The Tree connection meme also gives a 25% bonus to the pruning speed stat.


    Using gauranlen trees in grow zones
    As mentioned before, the Gauranlen tree is a tree and requires a 3 by 3 space around it to not be cut down. They cant be placed within 4 tiles of another tree, so maximizing area to trees, you can have 4 trees in a 6*6 area(note that an additional 7 tiles from each side cannot have buildings without impeding connection). The ratio of tiles occupied by a tree to tiles occupied by a grow zone is 9:16, making for a 5*5 repeating pattern around each tree. At each protruding corner, where you shouldn't have walls, more grow tiles can be put in (as long as it's arable soil). Thus it is efficient to use the tree in this way if space available is an important factor.

    Moving Gauranlen trees
    Like the anima tree, but unlike other trees, Gauranlen trees cannot be moved.


    Cutting down a connected Gauranlen tree will kill all of its dryads and give a -15 mood to the connected pawn for 10 days. It will also prevent the previously connected pawn from connecting to a different tree until the mood debuff is gone. It will get selected for cutting using the chop tree drag command, so be careful.


    Version history

    • Ideology DLC Release - Added.
    • 1.3.3069 - Connecting to a Gauranlen tree gives 25-45% connection strength to the connector depending on ritual quality. Psychically deaf pawns cannot connect with Gauranlen trees.
    • 1.3.3072 - Gauranlen trees heal slowly over time.
    • 1.3.3074 - Prevent thrumbos from eating Gauranlen trees.
    • 1.3.3076 - Pruning is now based off the pruning speed stat.