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Previous Version: Version/1.3.3075
Released on: 30 July 2021
Next Version: Version/1.3.3079
Released on: 3 August 2021

Released on: 31 July 2021

Hey everyone, here's the next RimWorld update for the weekend! Thanks for the ongoing feedback.

It should be compatible with all saves and mods.


  • Added temperature tough issue and precept. This makes some believers mind extreme temperatures less.
  • Added Alert for likely slave rebellion.
  • Mining yield now caps at 125%.
  • Clarified in description that the medical specialist won't do violence.
  • Clarified spacedrone self-destruct delay info in quest description.
  • Gauranlen tree pruning is dictated by a new stat, affected slightly by plants skill. Tree connection pawns have a 25% boost to pruning speed.
  • Increase berrymaker dryad production from 32 to 40 berries per batch. Increase medicinemaker dryad production from 3 to 4 herbal meds per batch.
  • Archonexus quest now warns players beforehand that research will reset
  • Tuned down apostate memory thoughts and adjusted labels.
  • Rebalance tree connector thoughts.


  • Inspect pane now automatically resizes when tabs are added or removed.
  • Changed JobGiver_DeliverPawnToBed to check for reservation before issuing job.
  • Changed GenColor.InstinguishableFrom difference threshold to 0.005 and removed optional parameter.Removed the custom value from call sites.
  • Error mitigation for districts not having their map index decremented correctly until problem is found.
  • Added difference threshold parameter to method signator on GenColor.IndistinguishableFrom and replaced uses of GenColor.ApproximatelyEqual with calls to IndistinguishableFrom with custom threshold.


  • Fix: Dryads are affected by disease incidents.
  • Fix: Gauranlen pod seed yield is affected by difficulty.
  • Fix: ArgumentOutOfRange exception on Precept_Role.
  • Fix: Ancient junk remains can wipe important quest structures.
  • Fix: Apostasy from any ideo triggers knowsmemorythoughts in ideos with apostasy.
  • Fix: A case where bad mods can easily make a savefile unloadable (Building_TurretGun).
  • Fix: Check order in ThoughtWorker_Precept_TreeDensity.
  • Fix: In desert areas, Gaumaker dryads never form a gaumaker pod.
  • Fix: Gauranlen seeds can be assigned to plant under a roof.
  • Fix: Fungus darktorch description says it is refueled with wood. It is actually refueled with raw fungus.
  • Fix: TreeDensityReduced thought stages are incorrectly calculated.
  • Fix: IdeoRelic issue no longer has an iconPath assigned in XML.
  • Fix: Prisoners lost during farskip.
  • Fix: Ideoligion UI overlap.
  • Fix: Drum circle is ignored by pawns if only Ideology is installed.
  • Fix: Doctors administring drugs to a pawn that has just died of an OD throws exception.
  • Fix: 'Scarification' is not translated.
  • Fix: Weird ancient barrel shadow.
  • Fix: Some ancient junk is rotatable but should not be.
  • Fix: Portrait cache not dirtied on changing style item in styling station dialog.
  • Fix: Default parameter added to GenColor.IndistinguishableFrom() instead of overload, causing mod errors.
  • Fix: Tree connection meme doesn't require Gauranlen connection: Strong.
  • Fix: Animals being lead by ropes can be stopped to have their wool/chemfuel/milk gathered.
  • Fix: Gauranlen moss can spawn over anima grass and Gauranlen pods.
  • Fix: High life meme ideos generate with a warning about conflicting apparel.
  • Fix: Cancelling a biosculpter cycle before a pawn has started it will still consume nutrition.
  • Fix: Ideo is left in broken state if player escapes without having selected any memes.