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Decorative plants are plants that can be planted by the player and which main purpose is to add Beauty to a room or area.

Roses, daylilies, dandelions and bonsai trees may all be grown for decoration, providing Beauty indoors and out. out of the four only dandelions may not be planted in plant pots.

Decorative plants only require 30% light, which is easily attained with a standard standing lamp.

Comparison table

NameBeauty BaseGrow DaysReal Grow DaysLifespanFertility SensitivitySow WorkSow Tags
Bonsai tree151.52.7713.50.5750DecorativeTree
Daylily181.52.774.51540Ground, Decorative
Rose141.52.777.51750Ground, Decorative


Bonsai tree.png

Bonsai tree

A small tree, pruned and shaped to look visually pleasing.



A tiny yellow flower which grows in large clusters. Though it is often considered a weed, dandelions in bloom are quite beautiful.



A cultivated flower with wide petals and a short lifespan. Daylilies are very beautiful, but must be replanted often.



A beautiful cultivated flower, the rose has been a symbol of love since Earth's ancient era.

A rose is a thorny plant that yields a large red flower often associated with love. It can be planted in growing zones and plant pots, and increases the beauty of the general area it is planted in.