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"A thick parka for staying warm even in the coldest of temperatures."

Work To Make
Market Value
320 Silver.png
3.8 kg
Insulation - Cold
Insulation - Heat
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Heat
Cloth 120


Overview & Obtaining

Parkas are large, thick jackets which are used to protect one from the bitter coldness of Boreal Forests, freezing Tundras, and perilous Ice Sheets. They insulate exceptionally well, protecting the wearer from an additional -40 Celsius as to what they'd handle without any coat - but the wearer will also be less able to cope with higher temperatures (especially with wool parkas), reducing their maximum comfortable temperature by 3 Celsius too. Due to their size, parkas also hinder their wearers by reducing their movement speed by 0.05 c/s, and reducing their overall global workspeed by 20%.

Parkas can be purchased from traders, crafted, or stripped from Outlanders, Pirates, or Tribals - this being the only garment that can be found worn by all existing human factions. When starting a tribal faction, there's a chance one of your starting tribespeople will spawn with a cloth parka equipped.


As a complicated garment, Parkas can only be made at tailoring benches, which requires complex clothing to be researched in order to be constructed. A parka requires 120 of any textile, and 334 seconds of work (20,000 ticks) to be created, assuming baseline global work speed, consciousness, sight, and manipulation.

Conclusion & Comparison

Although Parkas are the most insulating garment in the game (with the exception of Power armor), they bring about a slight movement speed penalty, and a considerable reduction to global work speed. Although these penalties aren't a deal-breaker, it's typically advisable to have parkas early-game in colder biomes (until you can access wool and make woolen jackets or dusters instead) - however, Parkas are typically influential in surviving those frozen ice sheets, tundras, and even exceptional boreal forests.

Parkas also offer the least amount of damage protection out of the 3 available coats.

Insulation Information

The following table(s) will display how good a normal quality Parka is at insulating when made from various materials...

Keeps Really Warm
Minimum Maximum
Fabric Cloth −40°C −3°C
Alpaca wool −116°C −3°C
Megatherium wool −124°C −3°C
Muffalo wool −120°C −3°C
Camelhair −112°C −3°C
Synthread −50°C −3°C
Hyperweave −44°C −3°C
Leather Thrumbofur −1360°C −3°C
Arctic wolfskin −50°C −3°C
Devilstrand −40°C −3°C
Lynxskin −46°C −3°C