Recon helmet

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Recon helmet

Recon helmet

A high-tech armored helmet with a built-in status computer and a protective plasteel-weave plate. Armor like this is often used by imperial scout troops or glitterworld police forces.

Base Stats

Tech Level
Market Value
525 Silver
1 kg


Insulation - Cold
°C (7.2 °F)
Insulation - Heat
°C (3.6 °F)
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Head, Left Eye, Right Eye, Left Ear, Right Ear, Nose, Jaw


Crafted At
Fabrication bench
Required Research
Recon armor
Skill Required
Crafting 6
Work To Make
15,750 ticks (4.38 mins)
Resources to make
Plasteel 30 + Advanced component 1

A Recon helmet is a full-head power armor helmet that forms a full set along with the Recon armor.


Recon helmets can be crafted at a Fabrication bench once the Recon armor research project has been completed. They require Plasteel 30 Plasteel, Advanced component 1 Advanced component, 15,750 ticks (4.38 mins) of work, and a Crafting skill of 6.

Alternatively, the armor can be received as a quest reward, purchased from outlander and Empire Content added by the Royalty DLC traders and faction bases, or found on Imperial Janissaries and other Raiders.[Which?]


Recon helmets are the first helmet since the neolithic war masks to offer complete face protection. It is preferable to both simple helmets and flak helmets, with superior coverage and a higher armor rating than even a plasteel flak helmet. The main downside is the advanced component required to make each helmet, and competition from the other power armor helmets.

The marine helmet costs only Plasteel 10 plasteel more, and the cataphract helmetContent added by the Royalty DLC, Plasteel 20 plasteel. Once you've researched and are capable of making the heavier helmets, there is little reason to make a recon helmet. Unlike the body armors, none of the helmets slow movement speed. It is often worth to wait until you've finished researching Marine armor and just make marine helmets instead. Note that, in order to research Cataphract armor, you will need to obtain 2 techprints first.

A recon helmet is roughly equal to a marine helmet 1 quality level lower (i.e. a normal recon helmet ~= poor marine helmet, etc.), or a cataphract helmet 2 qualities lower. Thus, if you've obtained a particularly high quality recon helmet, then it is worth using.

Quality table

  • Quality Sharp Blunt Heat Item HP Insulation - Cold Insulation - Heat Market Value
    Awful Recon helmet 55.2% 24% 27.6% 120 -3.2 °C (-5.8 °F) +1.6 °C (2.9 °F) 260 Silver
    Poor Recon helmet 73.6% 32% 36.8% 120 -3.6 °C (-6.5 °F) +1.8 °C (3.2 °F) 395 Silver
    Normal Recon helmet 92% 40% 46% 120 -4 °C (-7.2 °F) +2 °C (3.6 °F) 525 Silver
    Good Recon helmet 105.8% 46% 52.9% 120 -4.4 °C (-7.9 °F) +2.2 °C (4 °F) 655 Silver
    Excellent Recon helmet 119.6% 52% 59.8% 120 -4.8 °C (-8.6 °F) +2.4 °C (4.3 °F) 785 Silver
    Masterwork Recon helmet 133.4% 58% 66.7% 120 -6 °C (-10.8 °F) +3 °C (5.4 °F) 1310 Silver
    Legendary Recon helmet 165.6% 72% 82.8% 120 -7.2 °C (-13 °F) +3.6 °C (6.5 °F) 2625 Silver

    For the full effects of qualities, see Quality.

  • Styles

    Ideoligions allow the selection of styles which then change the texture of the certain items and buildings when constructed by the colony. These style variants can be crafted if the colony has the selected style, or can be looted from raiders from factions with the requisite style.


    Every recon helmet found on an Imperial Janissary will be black.

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    • Prestige recon helmet - a variant of the recon helmet that both pleases nobles and improves psychic ability.