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Simple helmet


"A simple helmet which gives moderate protection against sharp attacks. Not effective against blunt attacks."

Work To Make
Market Value
146 Silver.png
2 kg
Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 40

Simple helmet is the first available headgear that can be crafted from metal.


Simple helmets can be manufactured at a fueled smithy with a crafting skill of at least 5. Requires 40 metallic materials and 100 seconds of work (6,000 ticks), assuming baseline global work speed and no enhancements or hindrances to consciousness, sight, or [manipulation]]. Usage of different materials enhances protection offered and durability. Can be purchased via trading or looted from Outlanders and Pirates.


Simple Helmets are one of the four main headgear protections (the others being the war mask, advanced helmet and power armor helmet). They have a remarkable lifespan due to the inferior damage absorption, especially if made out of Plasteel. Simple helmets are intermediate in terms of mass with a mass of 2kg, whereas advanced helmets have a mass of 1.2kg and power armor helmets have a mass of 2.7kg.


Protection offered by a simple helmet depends on its quality and material. It has a material effect multiplier of 50% for all types of damage.

Version history

  • Prior to Alpha 17, it was known as the Military helmet. In Alpha 17, it has been renamed, received a slight buff to protection and no longer required components.
  • In Beta 19 it became cheaper, and materials now affect armor rating. It also protects against heat.