Cowboy hat

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Cowboy hat

Cowboy hat

"Stylish yet rugged, this hat keeps the sun and rain off - and it gives anyone who wears it a bit of extra charm. It is the most important part of traditional western attire."

Base Stats

0.14 kg


Insulation Factor - Cold
Insulation Factor - Heat
Armor Factor - Sharp
Armor Factor - Blunt
Armor Factor - Heat
Head, Left Ear, Right Ear


Crafted At
Table tailor hand north.png/Table tailor electric north.png
Required Research
Complex Clothing
Work To Make
1,800 ticks (30 secs)
Stuff tags
Leathery, Fabric
Resources to make
Buildingmats.png 25
IndustrialBasic, Western

Cowboy hats are the complementary garment to dusters, both tied to a Western theme in RimWorld and providing good thermal insulation from heat. Cowboy hats also provide a 10% bonus to Social Impact, due to their style.


As a complicated garment, cowboy hats require Complex Clothing to be researched and can only be made at a hand tailor bench or an electric tailor bench. A cowboy hat requires 25 of any textile and 30 units of work.

Cowboy hats can also be stripped from Outlanders or purchased.


Cowboy hats are an easy way to protect from hot weather while also adding a bit of extra armor and a boost to Social Impact. For example, consider a pawn wearing button-down shirt, pants, and a duster (all normal quality, cloth). This outfit gives +18.54°C of insulation from heat. Adding a cowboy hat to this outfit increases the heat insulation to +27.54°C. Compared to the tuques and bowler hats:

  • All three hats offer the same coverage and armor
  • Bowler hats offer a slightly larger boost to social impact (+15% vs. +10%) but slightly less insulation from heat (40% vs. 50%)
  • Tuques offer significantly more insulation from cold (50% vs. 10%), but don't offer any insulation from heat or social impact boost

Cowboy hats are especially useful when it comes to surviving heat waves in hot climates, such as deserts or even the extreme desert. Although it has low armor, the cowboy hat should be worn until your base is large and sustainable enough to power air conditioning in all workplaces, at which point it can be passed over for better armor. Arguably, the cowboy hat is better than the simple helmet in warmer climates (or even the flak helmet in extreme circumstances) before the mid-game, preventing pawns from getting the "hot" or "sweaty" mood malus or heatstroke, which reduces their work efficiency.

Overall, the cowboy hat is a decent hat with an exceptional heat insulation while having a niche secondary use as a social impact booster.

Social Impact

The cowboy hat should not be used as a social-boosting hat unless it is only a side-benefit of its insulative abilities. The bowler hat provides a larger boost for fewer materials while if the Royalty DLC is installed, the coronet and top hat provide double the bonus.

Nota bene: Social impact predominately affects the Opinion bonuses and maluses pawn interactions can create, as well as the success chance of the Speeches Content added by the Royalty DLC. It does NOT affect trade prices as that is instead dependent on Trade Price Improvement, nor does it affect prisoner recruitment, beyond slightly hastening how quickly the prisoners like the warden, as that is instead dependent on Negotiation Ability.

Material Table

  • Material Sharp Blunt Heat Item HP Insulation - Cold Insulation - Heat Market Value
    Bearskin Cowboy hat 22.4% 4.8% 30% 130 -2°C +10°C 92 Silver
    Birdskin Cowboy hat 13.4% 2.8% 30% 100 -1°C +5°C 52 Silver
    Bluefur Cowboy hat 16.2% 4.8% 30% 130 -2°C +8°C 64 Silver
    Camelhide Cowboy hat 16.2% 4.8% 30% 130 -1.6°C +12°C 64 Silver
    Chinchilla fur Cowboy hat 13.4% 2.8% 30% 100 -3°C +8°C 169 Silver
    Dog leather Cowboy hat 16.2% 4.8% 30% 130 -1.4°C +8°C 57 Silver
    Elephant leather Cowboy hat 22.4% 4.8% 30% 150 -1.4°C +6°C 67 Silver
    Foxfur Cowboy hat 16.2% 4.2% 30% 100 -2°C +8°C 94 Silver
    Guinea pig fur Cowboy hat 13.4% 2.8% 30% 60 -3.8°C +9°C 132 Silver
    Heavy fur Cowboy hat 24.8% 4.8% 30% 150 -3°C +7°C 89 Silver
    Human leather Cowboy hat 12.8% 4.8% 30% 130 -1.2°C +6°C 112 Silver
    Lightleather Cowboy hat 10.8% 2.8% 30% 100 -1.2°C +6°C 54 Silver
    Lizardskin Cowboy hat 16.2% 5.4% 30% 100 -1.2°C +6°C 59 Silver
    Panthera fur Cowboy hat 18.6% 4.8% 30% 130 -1.6°C +12°C 82 Silver
    Patchleather Cowboy hat 9% 3.8% 18% 100 -0.9°C +4.5°C 44 Silver
    Pigskin Cowboy hat 12.8% 4.8% 30% 130 -1.2°C +6°C 54 Silver
    Plainleather Cowboy hat 16.2% 4.8% 30% 130 -1.6°C +8°C 59 Silver
    Rhinoceros leather Cowboy hat 25.8% 4.8% 30% 150 -1.4°C +7°C 112 Silver
    Thrumbofur Cowboy hat 41.6% 7.2% 30% 200 -3.4°C +11°C 355 Silver
    Wolfskin Cowboy hat 20.4% 4.8% 30% 130 -2.4°C +8°C 82 Silver
    Alpaca wool Cowboy hat 7.2% 0% 22% 100 -3°C +8°C 102 Silver
    Bison wool Cowboy hat 7.2% 0% 22% 100 -2.6°C +6°C 74 Silver
    Cloth Cowboy hat 7.2% 0% 3.6% 100 -1.8°C +9°C 44 Silver
    Devilstrand Cowboy hat 28% 7.2% 60% 130 -2°C +12°C 144 Silver
    Hyperweave Cowboy hat 40% 10.8% 57.6% 240 -2.6°C +13°C 230 Silver
    Megasloth wool Cowboy hat 16% 0% 22% 100 -3.4°C +6°C 74 Silver
    Muffalo wool Cowboy hat 7.2% 0% 22% 100 -2.8°C +6°C 74 Silver
    Sheep wool Cowboy hat 7.2% 0% 22% 100 -2.6°C +5°C 74 Silver
    Synthread Cowboy hat 18.8% 5.2% 18% 130 -2.2°C +11°C 107 Silver
    Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.