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Example of a social tab

Each colonist has a social tab where you can see their opinions of each other and their relatives (if any). Only humans may have opinions of each other. Social relationships are mostly for roleplaying purposes but they do have effects on gameplay as well. For example, if a colonist's opinion of another colonist is too low, they may start a social fight, which will do damage to both and can potentially lead to permanent injury. On the other hand, a colonist needs a minimum opinion of another colonist to pursue a romance with them.


There are multiple different types of relations possible between pawns. They are based on both the opinions between these pawns and their familial ties. Opinions are affected by social interaction and the actions of the player.


All beauty modifiers are cumulative. Each new level of beauty above or below 0 increments the opinion of the pawn held by others by +/ 20 and is capped at +/ 40 meaning anything more than 2 beauty (either positive or negative) have no effect on gameplay.

  • Effect Type Beauty Change Opinion Change
    Beautiful Trait +2 +40
    Pretty Trait +1 +20
    Ugly Trait −1 -20
    Staggeringly ugly Trait −2 -40
    Stoneskin gland Content added by the Royalty DLC Artificial body part −2 -40
    Armorskin gland Content added by the Royalty DLC Artificial body part −1 -20
    Aesthetic nose Content added by the Royalty DLC Artificial body part +1 +20
    Aesthetic shaper Content added by the Royalty DLC Artificial body part +1 +20
  • Random Social Interactions[edit]

    Random social interactions happen between pawns when they are in near vicinity of each other. The ratio between good and bad interactions (partially) depends on a hidden value called pawn compatibility. This value is random and can be found when toggling the dev tools.

  • Thought name Opinion Max cumulated opinion or stack limit per pawn Nullifying traits
    Chitchat 0.66 10 Psychopath
    Had deep talk 15 10* Psychopath
    Slighted -5 10* None
    Insulted** -15 10* None
    Strange talk** Content added by the Anomaly DLC -4 1* Unknown
  • * = Stack limit per pawn
    ** = Creates a thought that affects the mood


    The most common type of social interaction. This increases relation between the two pawns by 2/3 opinion each, capping out at 10. It is nullified by the psychopath trait.

    Deep talk[edit]

    A type of social interaction that gives a large +15 opinion of each other. It caps out at 10 and is nullified by the psychopath trait.


    This social interaction provides a -15 opinion of the person who insulted the target and caps out at 10 insults. An insult has a chance of starting a social fight. An insulted person will also suffer a -5 moodlet.


    This social interaction is similar to being insulted, except only giving a -5 opinion. It also caps out at 10 interactions. Being slighted also has a small chance of starting a social fight. It does not give a negative moodlet.

    Strange chat Content added by the Anomaly DLC[edit]

    This social interaction can occur when interacting with a Void touched pawn, and gives a -3 "Unsettling conversation" opinion of the Void touched pawn. The affected pawn also suffers a -4 moodlet.

    Social fights[edit]

    Social fights have a small chance of starting when a pawn is insulted or slighted. The chance of a pawn starting a social fight is can be affected by traits such as bloodlust, a pawn's current level of inebriation, and AggressionContent added by the Biotech DLC genes. The pawns in social fights cannot be drafted or controlled, similar to mental breaks. Fighting pawns' character portraits will display a red lightning bolt. The two fighting pawns will continue fighting until after at least 420 ticks (7 secs) have passed, or until the other pawn is downed or killed. Both pawns will suffer minor cut and bruise injuries, but there is a small chance that a pawn may lose their eye or even die. Pawns will not use melee weapons in fights. Pawns that are incapable of violence can still provoke social fights, but will not fight back during them. If either pawn lands a hit, the victim will gain a −15 "harmed me" opinion of their attacker for 10 days.

    After the pawns calm down, they will decide if the fight was cathartic or angering. This decision is made randomly and is wholly independent of any other factors, with both options being equally likely. A cathartic fight will give a pawn a +38 opinion of their opponent, and an angering fight will give a −22 opinion. Both opinions last for 20 days.

  • Thought name Opinion Max cumulated opinion or stack limit per pawn Nullifying traits
    Had angering fight -22 5* None
    Had cathartic fight 38 5* None
  • * = Stack limit per pawn

    Family by Blood[edit]

  • Relation Opinion Opinion of killer if killed Incest Opinion
    Father/Mother/Son/Daughter/Birthmother 30 -80 -30
    Sibling 20 -80 -15
    Halfsibling 15 -15 -15
    Grandparent 15 -15 0
    Grandchild 15 -15 0
    Nephew/Niece 10 -15 0
    Uncle/Aunt 10 -15 -15
    Cousin 10 -15 -15
    Greatgrandparent 5 -15 0
    Greatgrandchild 5 -15 0
    Granduncle/Grandaunt 5 -15 0
    Grandnephew/Grandniece 5 -15 0
    Secondcousin/Kin 5 -15 0
  • Non-Intimate Relations[edit]

    There are currently three types of relations between non-intimate pawns: Rival, Acquaintance, and Friend. Strangely enough, a pawn may be friends with someone who considers them to be a rival.


    A rival of another pawn has an opinion of that pawn between -100 and -20.


    An acquaintance has a relation between -20 and 20.


    A friend has a relation with another pawn between 20 and 100.


    Human pawns can come together and become lovers, affecting their opinion of each other, their mood, their wishes for accomodation and allow the chance for lovin'.

    Romance Controls[edit]

    For any pawns over 16, the Social tab will have a "Romance..." button that allows the player to try instigating a romantic relationship between that pawn and another of the gender they're attracted to. This can be tried every 12 days, and can be done even when the pawns are already in relationships. You can only attempt to romance a target pawn that has a high-enough opinion of the current pawn and isn't closely related to them. Beyond this, their relationship and relative ages affect the Romance abilities chance of success.


    When you've selected the current pawn and attempt to Romance a target pawn, it won't be allowed if:

    • the target pawn has a negative opinion of the current pawn (stating "low opinion")
    • the likelihood of success is too low (stating "zero chance")
    • they are already in a relationship (stating something like "already Pawn's lover")
    • they are closely related (incestuous)

    Pawns that are under 16 or have an incompatible sexual attraction will not even be shown on the dropdown list of potential Romance... targets.

    Likelihood of success[edit]

    With the current pawn selected, and the social tab open, you can see the chance of a Romance action's success by mousing over the target pawn's row in the social tab. It will tell you the probability of success and how it is calculated. The factors are:

    • the target's opinion of the current pawn
    • the pawns' relative ages (which additionally factors in each pawn's youth)
    • certain genes and traits for the pawns
    • the target pawn's opinions of the people they already are in relationships with (the chance of success is already 0% even if the pawn's opinion of their partner is only +20)

    The current pawn's beauty traits are major factors in the chance of success, beyond their influence on social opinions. An Ugly pawn (Beauty -1.0) has a x30% multiplier on success. A Pretty pawn (Beauty +1.0) has a x230% multiplier on success. Beauty here can be influenced by normal Beauty traits or Beauty-affecting genes. The beauty of the target pawn does not provide a multiplier or affect these chances: there is no boost from a pretty pawn romancing a pretty pawn and no extra penalty for an ugly pawn romancing a pretty pawn.

    Other genes can come into play as well. Someone with the Furskin gene has a x20% multiplier on romancing someone without it, and vice versa.

    Note on relative ages The relative age factor doesn't just take into account the difference in age between colonists. It also factors in how old each colonist is. This effect is very large for young colonists. A 16 year-old's relative age factor with any colonist, of any age, will steadily increase from 0% to a maximum of about 25% as they age from 16 to 17 biological years. This factor is still affected by the other colonist's age as well: a late 16-year-old has a x4.4% multiplier on a relationship with a 46-year-old but a x4.1% multiplier with a 51-year-old. However, this is drastically outweighed by the youth effect, because that same 16-year-old only has a ~1% multiplier on their romance chance with a younger 16-year-old.

    Relative Age maximum by pawn age

    Once a colonist has reached the point where relative age isn't affected by their own youth, relative age is more affected by the difference in colonist ages.

    Relative Age multiplier by age of male partner for a 22-year-old female

    Base opinions[edit]

    Pawns can have romantic relationships. Pawns in intimate relationships have higher base opinions of each other.

  • Relation Opinion Opinion of killer if killed
    Spouse 30 -65
    Fiancé 30 -65
    Lover 35 -50
    Stepparent 5 0
    Stepchild 5 0
    Parent-in-law 5 0
    Child-in-law 5 0
    Exspouse -15 0
    Exlover -15 0
  • Lovers[edit]

    Lovers have a +35 opinion of each other. Lovers are created by the romance social interaction. The romance social interaction can also be rebuffed, carrying a -10 opinion of the romance target for the romancer and a -15 opinion of the romancer for the romance target. Lovers will want to sleep together in Double beds, Double bedrolls, or Double sleeping spots, and will have a permanent positive moodlet based on the opinion of each other. These pawns can break up randomly or if their opinions of each other are too low. If their opinions of each other is high enough, one of the lovers may propose to get married.

    Pawns that were not bornContent added by the Biotech DLC in the colony can also have lovers spawn as NPCs.


    After two lovers propose, they become Fiancés/Fiancées. They have a +30 opinion of each other. In the coming quadrums, they will have a marriage ceremony at the Marriage spot and become spouses.


    Spouses are married couples. Spouses have a +30 opinion of each other. Like all of the previous relationships, the couple will want to sleep together.


    Ex-Lovers are former lovers that have broken up through the breakup event. They have a -15 opinion of each other, but can get back together when their opinion rises back up. This is made hard by the fact that the target of the breakup will have an additional -50 opinion of the other person.


    Ex-Spouses are former spouses that have broken up through the breakup event. They have a -15 opinion of each other, but can get back together when their opinion rises back up. This is made hard by the fact that the target of the breakup will have an additional -70 opinion of the other person.

    Romantic Social Interactions[edit]

  • Thought name Opinion Max cumulated opinion or stack limit per pawn Nullifying traits
    Rebuffed me** -10 5 None
    Failed to romance me -15 5* None
    Broke up with me** -50 1* None
    Affair** -70 1* None
    Divorced me** -70 1* None
    Rejected my proposal** -30 1* None
    I rejected their proposal -15 1* None
    Honeymoon phase** 40 1* None
    Got some lovin'** 10 3* None
  • * = Stack limit per pawn
    ** = Creates a thought that affects the mood


    Lovers, Fiancé/Fiancées, and spouses may do lovin' if in a double sleeping place with each other. This will provide a positive mood boost for the two. For lovin' to happen the game checks every hour if the pawns are eligible (e.g., the pawns are not starving, bleeding, or in labor, the pawns are in bed, et cetera). Each partner evaluates their mean-time-between separately, taking into account the following:

    • Pain: MTB is multiplied by 100/(100-pain%).
    • Consciousness: if below 50%, MTB is multiplied by 50/consciousness%.
    • Low libido Content added by the Biotech DLC: MTB ×2.
    • High libido Content added by the Biotech DLC: MTB ×0.5.
    • Own age: MTB is divided by: age 16, 0, age 18 to 25, 1, age 80, 0.2, divisor is interpolated linearly.
    • Partner's age: MTB is divided by: age 16, 0, age 18, 1, divisor is interpolated linearly.
    • Age difference: a penalty is applied when the male pawn is more than 10 years older than the female pawn, or 3 years vice versa; the penalty accumulates quadratically until it reaches MTB ×25 at age differences equal +30 (older male)/+10 (older female).
    • Own beauty: below 0, MTB ×2.3, exactly 0, no effect, above 0, MTB ×0.3; doesn't matter how far from 0, not nullified even if both pawns "never judge others based on appearance".
    • Partner's beauty: exactly the same as own beauty, the resulting MTB scalars both apply.
    • Own opinion of the partner: -100, MTB×1.3, +100, MTB×0.7, linear interpolation.
    • Partner's opinion of self: evaluated in the exact same way, the resulting MTB scalars both apply.
    • Own brain affected by Word of Love psycast: MTB ×0.25.


    If the opinion of another person is high enough and the opinion of the pawn's lover/fiancé/fiancée/spouse is low enough, a pawn may start an affair with another pawn. Their lover/fiancé/fiancée/spouse will suffer a massive -70 opinion of the adulterer.

    This is disabled for Ideology if specific setting for the ideoligions is set to have free range of spouse. In case of a mixed faith relationship, then the Ideology of the adulterer is what determines whether it counts as an affair.

    Misc actions[edit]

    Any opinion thoughts regarding selling of loved ones or bonded animals are against the warden of the colony.

  • Thought name Opinion Stack limit per pawn Nullifying traits
    Harmed me -15 1* None
    Botched my surgery -20* 5*, x0.9 multiplier None
    Rescued me 15 3, x0.9 multiplier None
    Recruited me 20 1* None
    Crashed together 25 1* None
    Sold my loved one** -10 2* None
    Sold my bonded animal** -10 2* None
    Killed a child -20 5*, x0.9 multiplier Psychopath,Bloodlust
  • * = Stack limit per pawn
    ** = Creates a thought that affects the mood

    Version history[edit]

    • 0.13.1135 - Social/Opinion system added. Family members out to cousins and beyond are now tracked, as are lovers, fiancees, marriages and exes of the same. Lovin' is added and Colonists in relationships can now share beds. People may get in social fights with those they dislike (even neutrals and enemies do this). Marriage ceremonies and parties added. People who leave the map while traveling, fleeing, being kidnapped, etc. can come back later as raiders, visitors, joiners, etc.
    • 1.1.0 - Pawns now sometimes take the family name of their partner upon marriage. Pawns now really like the pawn who rescued them.
    • 1.4.3525 - Fix: Suppressed genes contributing to romance chance still apply.
    • 1.4.3563 - Fix: Lover relationships can generate for pawns who have spent their entire life in the colony.
    • 1.4.3682 - Fix: Pawn sibling relationships disappearing when parents are removed.