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This template identifies that a page was verified as of a specific update. This allows page maintenance and updating efforts to be focused on pages that are particularly outdated without a user having to look through individual pages to find issues.


First check that objective information on the page is correct for the current version of the game. This includes the information in the infobox, crafting requirements and direct comparisons with other options (e.g. when comparing the DPS of one weapon to another). This information can usually be found in-game or in the .XMLs. Subjective information, such as comparisons, tactics and other analysis should be checked over but is not a priority over the aforementioned.

Only ever verify a page for the current version of the game, never for a past version. See below for the method to tag a page if the page has never been verified before.

If a partial edit is performed, bringing only part of the page up to date, or a full audit of the page has not been completed to check that everything is up to date, do not verify the page for the current update but do not remove the verification from a previous update either.

Verification is not a statement of the pages' correctness for the linked version, but a statement that the page was last brought fully up-to-date while that version was the most current. A page being verified for 1.0 does not state that the page is currently correct for Version and that updates from 1.1 and beyond haven't been applied to the page. It only states that it was last verified as fully updated while 1.0 was the current version.

To add a verification status, add:


to a page, preferably at the very top of the page. <VERSION> is replaced by the version the page is verified for.

If a page is unverified, just do not put a version as an argument, like:


The page will then be added to Category:Unverified articles

<VERSION> should be in the format of the version number. For example, while 1.2.2719 is sometimes called 1.2 or "Honor Bestowed", the correct implementation is


Pages can also be verified through Template: infobox main by use of the following argument in calling that template:

|page verified for version = <VERSION>

For example:

|page verified for version = 1.2.2719

Leaving the argument blank, or not including the argument at all will add the page to Category:Unverified articles

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