Collapsed rocks

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Collapsed rocks.png

Collapsed rocks fall from above when support for a roof with overhead mountain is removed, such as when a rock wall is mined or otherwise destroyed.

These roofs have the same maximum range from a supporting structure as normal roofs, 6 tiles.

All tiles without support will immediately spawn collapsed rocks and collapsing rocks does not remove the overhead mountain, however they will provide support to potentially prevent further collapses once the collapse that generated them has completed.

As the roof is not removed, mining the collapsed rocks without adding sufficient support will keep causing more rocks to fall indefinitely.

Collapsed rocks can also happen when pods impact a rock roof.[Detail]

This collapse is independent from support, and so long as there is still sufficient support, they can be mined without issue.

When rocks fall, anything below it is immediately destroyed and can never be recovered. This may kill your colonists, but if used carefully, you can make a trap to instantly kill incoming threats.

Collapsed rocks mining.png