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A technique to create a allowed area or home area (with single colonist) specifically to restrict a colonist to a very certain area, in order to force them to perform a task.

As an example, let's say you want a colonist to smooth the floor in your freezer in the next few days, and do nothing else. In this case, you will create a new zone for them, containing exactly these areas in your base:

  • the area where the work needs to happen (freezer in this example)
  • the colonist's bedroom (so s/he can go to rest as usual)
  • the recreation area and dining table
  • a place where food is stored, so they can get their meals (maybe not necessary in this example, because the freezer is already covered, but critical to include)

These areas do not have to be adjacent (connected). The zone can be composed of several disconnected areas.

Now you use the "Schedule" tab to restrict them to this newly created zone. S/he can still move freely between those areas, but will not perform any "task" unless that task is inside the designated zones. This means s/he will not use any skills outside the temporary zone, and you will not need to manipulate her work tab to keep her from doing anything but smooth the freezer floor.

This is a very effective method, not just for training, but for prioritizing important work in general. For instance, if you have several colonists assigned to Construction, you can assign all but your best away from your new dining room furniture that you're building.

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