Auto inferno turret

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Auto inferno turret

Auto inferno turret

A self-powered turret mounted with an inferno cannon. It cannot sense targets at very short ranges.

Base Stats

BuildingMechanoid cluster
100 kg
Path Cost


2 × 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
Destroy yield
Steel slag chunk 1

An auto inferno turret is a large turret that appears in mech clusters.



Auto inferno turrets are equipped with the turret version of the inferno cannon. This weapon is used in the same manner as a pawn would use a ranged weapon. For this purpose, the turret has as a shooting accuracy of 96%, equivalent to a shooting skill of 8, though this is usually irrelevant due to its weapons forced miss radius. Like all turrets, auto inferno turrets are unable to target any pawn that has one or more tiles of blind smoke between the turret and them.

When damaged below 20% of its health, the auto inferno turret has a 50% chance to explode. An exploding turret will spark and emit a hissing sound before exploding 240 ticks (4 secs) later, dealing 50 bomb damage in a 5.9 tile radius around itself. See the damage types page for a list of multipliers applied to this damage when applied to different targets.

Like all mech cluster buildings, auto inferno turrets not only have a flammability of 0%, but also take no damage from attacks with the flame damage type. This is in contrast to, for example, a stone wall which will not be ignited by molotov cocktails but will take the 10 flame damage from the initial attack.

Auto charge turrets must be destroyed for the mech cluster to be defeated.


Like all mech cluster turrets its is not possible to out-range an auto inferno turret. Unlike the other two mech cluster turrets the shots from an inferno turret will always land somewhere near the intended target and light any surrounding flammable items on fire, which then has the potential to spread outwards as it ignites other objects further causing more complications. Keep in mid that this fire will not in any way hinder any mechs or other turrets spawned from the cluster as they are all fireproof. Due to this how difficult an inferno turret is to take down will mostly rely on where it spawns (how much flammable terrain is there around it) and what else it spawns with.

If the mech cluster does not need to be taken out immediately building a small bunker consisting of walls made from stone blocks and barricades will hopefully stop most shots from landing while also stopping fire from spreading to your pawns. If this is not feasible then your next best option is to close the distance and take it out in melee as it cannot target anything within ~4 tiles of itself, although be mindful of the explosion that can trigger when it gets damaged enough. In the mid-late game these become much easier to deal with. Pawns wearing Devilstrand clothing are mostly resistant to fire, while those in phoenix armor are almost impervious. Of course you could always just send your own mechs after it as they are not bothered in the slightest by the heat.