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Mountains, or hills, in RimWorld, are a natural structure that contain resources and special rooms.

Shells fired from mortars or drop pods will break through constructed roofing but not through overhead mountains (or any tile underneath one).


Many resources can naturally be found in mountains, such as minerals, stone, and even loot!


Minerals and metals come in deposits called veins. They can be found in mountains and hills. They are found easier if the terrain that you landed on is either: Small Hills, Large Hills, or Mountainous.

Resource Drops (Max) Vein Size Hitpoints Rarity Mining Speed
Steel 40 Steel 20-40 1,500 Common Fast
Jade 40 Jade 1-6 1,500 Rare Fast
Component 2 Component 3-6 2,000 Common Moderately Fast
Gold 40 Gold 1-6 1,500 Rare Fast
Uranium 40 Uranium 1-6 4,000 Very Rare Slow
Silver 40 Silver 4-12 1,500 Uncommon Fast
Plasteel 40 Plasteel 10-50 8,000 Uncommon Very Slow


The roof type of mountains can be overhead mountain or thin stone roofs. Transport pods and mortar shells cannot break overhead mountain but can break thin stone roofs. However, overhead mountain is prone to insect infestations. Overhead mountain cannot be removed. Caution is advisable when mining in mountains - while thin stone roof collapses can injure the heads and necks of pawns and even occasionally kill, overhead mountain will bury them alive, instantly killing them and utterly destroying their body and everything they had equipped, preventing both resurrection and salvage. This will form collapsed rocks to act like a pillar.

Ancient shrines[edit]

These ancient buildings are can be partially or entirely buried in mountains and hills. Shrines can contain valuable items only otherwise obtained from quests or trading. They are guarded by mechanoids or insectoids, and contain mysterious cryptosleep caskets containing ancient soldiers trapped inside for millenia. They are equipped with spacer tech gear, and can kill your colonists if you are not prepared.

Version history[edit]

  • 0.13.1135 - Deep rooms (i.e. under Mountains) stay cool in the heat