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Mountains, or hills, in RimWorld, are a natural structure that contain resources and special rooms.


Many resources can naturally be found in mountains, such as minerals, stone, and even loot!


Minerals and metals come in deposits called veins. They can be found in mountains and hills. They are found easier if the terrain that you landed on is either: Small Hills, Large Hills, or Mountainous.

Resource Drops (Max) Vein Size Hitpoints Rarity Mining Speed
Steel 35 Steel 20-40 1,500 Common Fast
Jade 35 Jade 1-6 1,500 Rare Fast
Component 2 Component 3-6 2,000 Common Moderately Fast
Gold 35 Gold 1-6 N/A Rare N/A
Uranium 35 Uranium 1-6 4,000 Very Rare Slow
Silver 35 Silver 4-12 1,500 Uncommon Fast
Plasteel 35 Plasteel 10-50 10,000 Uncommon Very Slow