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Insectoids are an ecosystem of genetically engineered insect-like animals that functions, in part, like a permanently hostile faction. The insectoids that populate this faction are slow-moving, melee-only animals that are themselves are not always automatically hostile to colonists, but can be a serious surprise threat to any colony when encountered during an infestation.


These giant insect-like creatures live underground and burrow up to attack when attracted by noise or pheromone signals. Originally from the planet Sorne, interstellar entrepreneurs managed to capture, genetically-modify, and vat-grow the insect colonies for use as weapons. It's not clear who placed Sorne insects on this planet, but they are here and as dangerous as ever.

— Faction description

Only a limited amount is known as about the origins of Insectoids, and most is provided from the faction description above. The planet Sorne was the original homeworld of the insectoids, before they were captured, genetically modified, and vat-grown by interstellar entrepreneurs for use as weapons, and exported to other worlds by parties unknown. As all seemingly-alien life is claimed to have originated on Earth,[1] it is possible that the original pre-weaponization Sorne Geneline evolved from Earth life on the planet, or were already genetically engineered for some reason before being modified again.[2]

The purpose of the modification is known however - they were intended to act as artificial ecosystem of insectoids designed to fight mechanoid invasions.[3] Given the past tense used in the source, it is possible that the current insectoid ecosystem seen on the rimworld does not function as originally designed. Notably however, mechanoids and insectoids do remain permanently hostile to each other, a fact that can occasionally be exploited.


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Insectoids have no "ranged" attack, relying purely on their powerful melee abilities in combat. Once triggered, they move slowly, attack directly and mindlessly, so are vulnerable to traps and more sophisticated tactics including kiting.

Like pirates, they have a hostile attitude to every faction in the world, including ancients and mechanoids. It is possible to manipulate this to your advantage if both are on the map at the same time.

Insectoids from Infestation attack after triggering old trap

Insectoids from infestations may trigger traps, causing them to rush towards a random direction up to 100 tiles away in a single horde and then return when no hostile was found. It's best to let them retreat before striking again, to prevent them from rushing through the whole map, as any tile they use to sleep will reset their range until they get back to their hives.

  • Megascarabs inhabit desert and extreme desert maps together with other local animals, and are non-hostile unless harmed. This is the only insectoid form to be "local wildlife" to a biome.
  • During an infestation, all varieties may spawn from hives, and keep spawning until the hive is destroyed. Insectoids will protect their hive by attacking any humans or animals that venture too close but keep to themselves otherwise.
  • Insectoids may also be found in ancient structures. Additionally megascarabs may also be found within ancient cryptosleep caskets. Since the Ancient structures are usually under a mountain, sudden infestations can take place in the underground areas as separate events.
  • It is possible to tame them, but, since they are always hostile, it's usually only once they are downed.
  • All insectoids experience hypothermic slowdown instead of hypothermia and have 0 Toxic Sensitivity, rendering them immune to toxic buildup from any source.




A large, genetically-engineered beetle. Once the worker caste of an artificial ecosystem of insectoids designed to fight mechanoid invasions, it is now often seen without its deadlier insectoid cousins. Still, its size and hard shell make it dangerous when it attacks. A eusocial creature, it cannot reproduce individually.



Not actually a spider, the megaspider is a genetically-engineered giant insectoid the size of a bear. Designed for heavy work and combat, its thick chitinous armor makes it hard to kill, while its long ripper-blades make it deadly at close quarters. It is, however, quite slow in open terrain.



A medium-sized bioengineered insectoid the size of a sheep. The spelopede is the middle caste of a hive, taking care of most work tasks as well as fighting with its digging claws. It's dangerous in combat, but slow on open ground.


Pawn Type Image Combat Power Armor (S/B/H) DPS Move speed Additional Info
Megascarab Megascarab.png 40 72% / 18% / 0% 1.4 3.75 c/s
Megaspider Megaspider.png 150 27% / 18% / 0% 2.52 3.6 c/s -
Spelopede Spelopede.png 75 18% / 18% / 0% 2.02 3.65 c/s -