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Skip the caster, along with anyone standing near them, to an ally at a distant location. This can send people far across the planet, but only works if there is a willing ally on the other side to use as a navigation beacon. The skipped people will always appear near a random ally on the target map.

Base Stats



Psylink Level
Psyfocus Cost
Neural Heat Gain
Casting Time
300 ticks (5 secs)
Caster Must Be Capable of Violence

Farskip is a level 5 psycast that teleports the caster and any nearby allies to anywhere in the world that there is an allied pawn.


There are two ways to acquire the psycast Farskip:

  1. Upon reaching psylink level 5, a random psycast of level 5 is granted regardless of how this level up is achieved. This won't apply if the psycaster already knew one or more level 5 psycast.
  2. Farskip can also be acquired from a psytrainer naming it. See the psytrainer page for further details.


Allied=Colonist? Slave? Allied faction member? StunTicks = 18-60


  • Farskip Can be used from the World map. Can't be used while forming a Caravan but can be used if you Draft after you've collected all your gear.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.2.2719 - Added.
  • 1.2.2753 - Farskip now affects colony animals if not on the home map. Prevent Farskip when caravan is overweight.
  • 1.3.3074 - Fix: Farskip with RelicContent added by the Ideology DLC gives debuff from losing the relic.
  • 1.4.3555 - Fix: Farskipping a pawn into a range of an expired proximity sensor will trigger it again.