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Files should always be in at least one of Category:Images, Category:Videos or Category:Sounds. Usually Special:UncategorizedFiles should be sufficient to detect them but templates like Template:Biotech add the files to other kinds of categories. To files that are categorized but lack a file category an inline query isn't enough, but can be done in combination with this template.


The following can be used to systematically scan all files in badges of 500 (upper limit):

{{#ask: [[File:+]] [[Modification date::>10 December 2022 01:53:28]]
 | limit = 500 | format = template | template = File category check | link = none
 | named args = yes
 | ? = file
 | ?Category = Category
 | ?Modification date = Date
 | sort = Modification date
 | offset = 0

The last checked file has a ''Modification date'' of: {{#var:date}}


If there are no files below this text, there are no files that are not in a file category.

... further results

The last checked file has a Modification date of: 20 September 2023 14:20:58 There are still more to go. Ex.png