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This category is reserved for RimWorld Wiki Maintenance teams to categorize and sort pages that need looking into. There are a number of templates that are used within this category for ease of sorting, and to remain organized and collected.

Whenever there is nothing more to attend to in the subcategories and pages below, such contributors are urged to look at:


This category should NOT be used in and of itself. You should always use the following sub categories for ease of indexing, and quick lookup. If there are pages that link to this category directly, they will be listed at the bottom of the page. The only pages that should link here directly are the templates that are listed under the templates section.

Category:Marked for deletion

Category:Safe to delete

Category:Needs documentation

Category:Pages to be recoded

Category:Pages to be rewritten

Category:Pages to be moved

Sub Category Creation[edit]

If you feel as though a sub-category should be added to this list, please feel free to make it yourself, or visit the RimWorld Wiki Discord for help in creating the appropriate sub-category.

Calling This Category Via Transclusion[edit]

If you call this category using transclusion, the page will be listed under the Category:Wiki maintenance called via transclusion category and display a warning. Ideally there should be no pages under this category.


The following templates that use this category are listed below. To find out more about the template, go ahead and read it's documentation.


Template:Safe to delete

Template:Documentation wanted




Template Naming Convention[edit]

All templates should follow the Programming Naming Convention Standard using Multiple Word Identifiers. The name should reflect Sentence Case, and not Title Case.

Naming conventions will help both in Readability, Meta Data Scraping, Promote Consistancy, and achieve clairity when it comes to potential ambiguity. More can be read up on this here and here.


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