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I've been playing RimWorld and editing the wiki since 2015. Have also done game testing and bug reporting. This is the first and only wiki I've worked on. Much of the wiki was done before I started, but I've taken the time learn the inner workings, especially how pages and templates store and display data.

Ask me (here: Talk page or here: Rimworld Wiki Discord) if you need any help on this wiki.

What I do:

  • Monitor site for vandalism.
  • Fix broken things - expression errors, formatting issues, etc.
  • Carry out deletion requests.
  • Upload images for game objects, when missing or outdated.
  • Work with:
    • Categories
    • Properties (where data is stored)
    • Templates and infoboxes
    • Queries to display data
    • Concept pages (basically pre-made queries)

Maintenance Dashboard[edit]

Style 1[edit]

Pages to be rewritten
Marked for deletion
Safe to delete
Needs documentation
Pages to be moved
Pages with reference errors
Pages using duplicate arguments in template

My to-do[edit]

Small tasks (usually single page)[edit]

  • Redo table on Furniture page
  • Replaced fixed values in Furniture#Summary_Table with queried output.
  • Address invalid property on Wood. "Category" is wiki reserved and should not be set as a property. Look for any other instances of this. Remove the property or rename if it's needed.
  • Determine and apply appropriate category for Ancient shrine
  • Recreation - change items to use transclusion, e.g. chess table, billiards table, and consider moving material tables to the item's own page.

Medium projects (usually less than 15 pages)[edit]

  • Animal infoboxes - the subtype link should be changed from pointing to 'Wild' category to 'Wild animal' category but preferably still display as just 'Wild'.
  • Update category on all Recreation pages, Joy > Recreation.
  • Fix Power: improve layout of items under power generators. try putting each object and its summary in a 2-cell table, leave heading above the table.
  • Reconcile Help:Templates and RimWorld_Wiki:Templates, apparently pages for the same topic.
  • Reconcile Stone and Stone Blocks, duplicate topic.
  • Fix up transclusions on Orders & fix links in Nav/Orders (some links point to Orders, some point to separate page.)
  • Rewrite docs for templates: ref, note, ref label, and note label. Consolidate these to one template pair if possible.

Longer projects (usually 15 pages or more)[edit]


  • Work on image size irregularities, too big or too small, e.g. Bed, Royal bed.
  • Work on bad quality images of animals, see Category:Images_-_Animals


  • Clean out un-needed/unused templates.
  • Add documentation to all templates.


  • Create pages for wanted (red-link) properties.
  • Clean out properties not really needed.
  • Clean up property Type with improper values, containing a pipe, e.g. Misc|Miscellaneous
  • Clean out inbox parameters adopted from game def files but not displayed or used on the wiki. Many of these have no property pages, so look for wanted properties and find the offending pages.
    • draw gui overlay
    • graphic class
    • graphic path
    • parent name
    • resource readout priority
    • ticker type
    • thing class