Mass chaos skip

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Mass chaos skip

Mass chaos skip

Skip everyone in an area to random positions nearby. Objects which are too large cannot be teleported.

Base Stats



Psylink Level
Psyfocus Cost
Neural Heat Gain
Casting Time
60 ticks (1 sec)
Effect Radius
7.9 tiles
Goodwill Impact
Caster Must Be Capable of Violence

Mass chaos skip is a level 6 psycast that teleports pawns in its area of effect to a random location in a radius.


There are two ways to acquire the psycast Mass chaos skip:

  1. Upon reaching psylink level 6, a random psycast of level 6 is granted regardless of how this level up is achieved. This won't apply if the psycaster already knew one or more level 6 psycast.
  2. Mass chaos skip can also be acquired from a psytrainer naming it. See the psytrainer page for further details.



<applyGoodwillImpactToLodgers>False</applyGoodwillImpactToLodgers> Is goodwill impact per pawn?


  • Mass Chaos Skip skips all units in the area randomly, friend or foe, as well as briefly stunning them on arrival at their new location.
    • Skip multiple enemies out of cover at once, exposing them to gunfire.
    • Only skips things to a location within line of sight of their starting position. However, it does not require line of sight from the caster to a pawn to initiate the skip (ie. it'll skip a pawn that's on the other side of a wall, but they'll still be on the other side of that wall afterwards).
    • Note that "line of sight" operates based on actual sight mechanics (ie. the ability to see an area for the purposes of shooting it, using psycasts, etc), _not_ being able to path to it. Buildings that do not permit pathing but do permit being shot over/through will not block Chaos Skip.
    • Be careful: you may accidentally skip the enemies behind or even right next to your pawns. The brief stun when the target arrives at the new location can permit time to react, however.

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