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Previous Version: Version/1.3.3079
Released on: 3 August 2021
Next Version: Version/1.3.3081
Released on: 5 August 2021

Released on: 4 August 2021

Released August 4, 2021

Hey everyone! Today's update adds a new ideoligion setup screen with a variety of preset patterns for ideoligion generation. The idea is to avoid overwhelming the player with details if they just want to play.

We also added the ability to play the game with an ideology matching classic RimWorld. This is a good idea for the player's first few games as they get used to the game systems.

This update also significantly improves video memory usage, especially in heavily-modded games.

It is compatible with all saves and mods.

Thanks to everyone on the official dev Discord who helped us test this update! Anyone else who wants to help test is very welcome to come join.

Change list[edit]


  • Add a new ideoligion setup interface which allows playing like classic RimWorld, using presets, or fully customizing.
  • Improvements to texture atlas video memory usage.
  • Change harmful aging thought minimum age from 20 to 25
  • Added temperature precept icon.
  • Rebelling slaves now drop shield belt if they have a ranged weapon
  • Increase fade on oil smear art.
  • Add more constraints to Empire faction ideo generation. They are no longer proselytizers. This makes it less annoying to host them. (This will only apply to new games.)
  • Increased plant harvest yield stats' max values.
  • Don't list "Cannot remove: Required" float menu option for precepts that have a default. All available options are already listed.
  • Ideoligion text color now have a min brightness, for better visibility.


  • Simplify the CompareTooltipsByPriority call.
  • Optimize shield belt apparel code in pickup opportunistic weapon
  • Ensure consistent order for ideo preset tooltips. Use StableSort for tooltips in general.
  • Make quest dialog close actions serializable.
  • Adjust slave rebellion likely alert copy to make things a bit more friendly to translators.


  • Fix: Pawns without eyes cannot wear blindfolds
  • Fix: Immunity Drive doesn't work.
  • Fix: NullReferenceException for wearing color thought if apparel does not have colorable (like apparel from mods)
  • Fix: Pawns who prefer indoors do outdoor joy activities
  • Fix: Very high video memory usage on startup with heavily modded games.
  • Fix: Dryads can bond with pawns other than the connected one.
  • Fix: Dye doesn't deteriorate.
  • Fix: Reverse tooltip order after a recent commit.
  • Fix: Deserter quest doesn't count as raiding.
  • Fix: Biosculpters fail to eject their contents when uninstalled.
  • Fix: Rusted car only appears in north orientation.
  • Fix: Bestowing ceremony lands in shuttle without the bestower exiting, making all the escort pawns just leave the map.
  • Fix: Generated ideo building def gets overriden to a random one during initialization.
  • Fix: Exception when all slaves die while rebellion likely alert active (not hard crash).
  • Fix: Slave count rebellion factor shown incorrectly to users in tooltips.
  • Fix: Trying to convert humanlike pawn with no ideo (generated with PawnGenerationRequest(forceNoIdeo: true)) causes errors.
  • Fix: Dryad and Gaumaker pods can spawn over graves.
  • Fix: Drafted slaves which rebel dont opportunistically pick up weapons.
  • Fix: Archonexus guitar sound clips play before you close the new archonexus colony start dialog, instead of after like the game start dialog.
  • Fix: Trailing newline, null on abandon with no active maps for slave rebellion likely alert.
  • Fix: Using obsolete methods.
  • Fix: Typo in shooting specialist role description