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A decent final resting place. Colonists will visit full graves to gain meditative joy.

Base Stats



1 × 2
Terrain Affordance


Work To Make
800 ticks (13.33 secs)

A grave provides a place to bury corpses.


Graves do not have a material cost, but require 800 ticks (13.33 secs) of work, using the Construction skill. They can only be built on diggable terrain.


A grave stores one corpse of any size, hiding its beauty. The default storage setting only allows human corpses, but can be set to accept animals, strangers or mechanoids. A body can be removed (hauled) from a grave with the 'Open' command. Deconstructing will also release the buried. Graves can be stood on.

Pawns can visit graves as part of Solitary recreation.

Pawns with the Morbid meditation focus typeContent added by the Royalty DLC can use graves in a 10-tile radius to increase psyfocus. By default, graves have a 6% psyfocus strength. This increases by 10% if the grave is full, and a further 10% if the grave is occupied by a pawn with a relationship to the meditator. Up to 4 other graves or sarcophagi can connect to a grave; each grave/sarcophagi gives +1% psyfocus if empty, or +2% psyfocus if filled, for a maximum bonus of 8%.


Human corpses are ugly, create filth, and cause negative moodlets when a pawn sees one. Graves are an early game way to dispose of corpses, if you don't have any better options. Note that, despite its name, the 'colonist left unburied' moodlet does not care if a colonist's corpse is buried; destroying the corpse by any means will end the moodlet without penalty.

Once Electricity is available, an electric crematorium is more efficient. Each cremation only takes 180 ticks (3 secs) ticks of work, compared to the 800 ticks (13.33 secs) ticks just to make the grave. Also, when you're dealing with dozens or hundreds of raider corpses, a crematorium does not take nearly as much space. Alternatively, molotov cocktails can be used - just burn the corpses in a controlled, nonflammable room - though this cannot be automated.

Graves or sarcophagi can be used to store corpses of pawns you want to resurrect, without the risk of the corpse being cremated or butchered. Make sure to keep the grave in a frozen room.

Fellow colonists will occasionally visit graves, even if it is placed far from the base, which can be inefficient. Setting an allowed area to exclude a gravesite will prevent this behavior.


  • Until Alpha 4, there used to be another version called gibbet cage which caused "Fear" mood debuff to characters passing nearby. The Ideology DLC re-added the gibbet cage as a separate object.


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Version history[edit]

  • 0.12.906 - ‘Open’ designator added. Can now be visited as a joy activity.
  • Beta 19/1.0.0 - Burying corpses takes 2x longer. Digging graves takes 20% longer. Now show the person's date of death
  • 1.1.2654 - Increase psyfocus gain range of grave from 4~20 to 6~26.