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Drug overdose is caused by consuming an excessive amount of drugs in a short time period, before the body has the time to deal with it. There's a chance of getting an overdose from just one dose. Overdose can cause instant death.

The severity of a Drug Overdose is determined by what drugs are consumed; with social drugs (i.e. Beer, Smokeleaf) and Luciferium not contributing to overdoses, hard drugs (i.e. Go-juice, Flake, Yayo, Wake-up) increasing the severity by 0.18-0.35 per drug consumed, and Penoxycyline increasing severity by 0.08-0.14 per dose. Drug overdose severity reduces by 1 per day, meaning that the pawn will fully recover in up to 1 day (0.5 days until no symptoms are shown).


There are four stages of Drug Overdose:


Severity: < 0.50

  • No effect, within tolerable levels of hard drug consumption
  • Doesn't show on the health tab of colonists


Severity: 0.5 — 0.749

  • Reduces the affected pawn's consciousness by 50%
  • Frequent vomiting - Every 0.3 days (4.8h) on average


Severity: 0.75 — 0.999

  • Pawn will lose consciousness (Consciousness max: 10%)
  • Chemical damage to the brain on average 2.5 days in this state
  • Death on average 3 days in this state


Severity: 1

  • Overdosing pawn's body is unable to handle extreme drug levels, and succumbs

Random overdose

Aside from normal overdoses caused by excessive drug consumption, all hard drugs also have a small, unavoidable chance of causing a major overdose when consumed. This overdose will be of random severity between 0.85 and 0.99, and is unaffected by previous overdose severity, meaning that even the first dose could potentially result in a major overdose. The chance of causing a random overdose is 1.5% for Flake, 1.0% for Yayo, and 0.5% for Wake-up and Go-juice.

The exact likelihood of a single random overdose resulting in chemical damage or death is currently unknown, however in a test with a sample of 5,000 random overdoses, 5.90% resulted in chemical damage and 5.44% resulted in death, with a total of 11.12% resulting in either chemical damage, death, or both. The chance of a single dose causing permanent damage or death is therefore likely around 0.17% for Flake, 0.11% for Yayo, and 0.06% for Wake-up and Go-juice.

Please note: Having a drug dependency completely removes the random drug overdose chance. Also note, it is still possible to overdose by over-consumption of the aforementioned drugs.

Chance of Permanent Damage or death after N doses