Smokeleaf joint

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Smokeleaf joint

Smokeleaf joint

Smokeleaf leaves prepared in small rolls for smoking. The drug improves mood, but also increases appetite, reduces focus and slows movement. Smokeleaf use can produce a dependency.

Joints can be produced at a crafting spot without equipment, and are a fixture in many traditional low-industriousness cultures.

Base Stats

DrugSocial drug
Market Value
11 Silver
Stack Limit
0.05 kg
Deterioration Rate


Recreation Offset
Recreation Kind
Maximum To Ingest


Crafted At
Crafting spot/Drug lab
Skill Required
Work To Make
450 ticks (7.5 secs)
Resources to make
Smokeleaf leaves 4

The smokeleaf joint, categorized in-game as a "social" drug, is available to all starting colonies, tribal and industrial. It is relatively safe to use, easy to produce and has a decent commercial value, but has some drawbacks, potentially including death.

Gameplay Overview

This is a relatively easy to acquire drug with moderate mood boosting and Recreation effects, but the high has significant penalties to Pawn Capacities, such as decreased Consciousness and Moving. As such, it is advisable to change your colonists' drug policy setting from the default of free recreational use.

As a social drug, consumption is relatively safe compared to hard drugs; one smokeleaf joint every 2 days will not cause dependency. If smoked more often and the smokeleaf tolerance reaches 15% or more, then consumption has a 2% chance to create addiction. Those with visible tolerance will develop asthma or carcinoma in the lungs in a mean time of 180 days.

Despite a +13 mood boost and its relative safety, smokeleaf is not suitable for regular mood management due to its severe Consciousness penalty of 30%. Consciousness directly impacts Moving and Manipulation, and Manipulation in turn heavily impacts a very large number of critical pawn stats and most production speeds.

The default drug policy for new colonists is set to "Social drugs", which, also by default, has smokeleaf set to "For recreation", meaning colonists are allowed to smoke a joint whenever they feel like it for joy and social purposes. Due to the risks and the loss of productivity caused by smokeleaf highs, it is advisable to change this policy so joints are only used when needed to prevent mental breaks.

Detailed Effects

Instant - upon consumption

Whole-body "Stoned on smokeleaf" effect - for 12 hours, initially (the actual duration depends on the developed smokeleaf tolerance)

  • Pain: -20%
  • Consciousness: -30% (See Warning below)
  • Moving: -10%
  • Hunger rate offset: +30%
  • High on smokeleaf, a +13 mood thought bound to the "Stoned on smokeleaf" effect and lasting as long
  • Whole-body "Smokeleaf tolerance" effect: +3%, capped at 100%


Crafting 1 smokeleaf joint consumes 4 smokeleaf leaves. No Research is required to unlock Smokeleaf Joint crafting.

This task can be performed at a Crafting spot or Drug lab, with an increased production speed at the Drug Lab compared to the Crafting Spot. Joint production speed uses the Drug Cooking Speed stat, which is primarily affected by the crafter's Cooking skill, and the Cooking skill is trained by this task. Despite being Cooking-based, the Crafting work-type must be enabled in the Work menu in order to perform this activity.


If a colonist's consciousness is currently below 30%, smoking a joint can be FATAL.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Detailed Symptoms

  • Mood -20
  • Consciousness: -20%
  • Moving: -15%

Long-term effects and duration unknown

Version history

  • 0.15.1279 - Added.
  • Version 1.0 the effect of the mood buff was decreased from 15 to 13.