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Medical drugs are drugs that have no mood or recreational effect, but do provide a statistical or mechanical benefit. They will never be taken as part of a drug binge and, as they cannot be taken for recreation, pawns with the chemical interest or chemical fascination traits will not consume them independent of player commands. This categorization is also used to determine acceptability for the Drug use precept.Content added by the Ideology DLC

Luciferium a.png

A concoction of mechanites that dramatically improve the body's functioning in all respects. Over time, it can even heal old scarred-over wounds or brain damage, though it cannot regenerate lost limbs. Unfortunately, without the moderating effects of regular doses every five or six days, the mechanites lose cohesion, causing continuous berserk rages and, eventually, death.
After the first dose, there is no way to get the mechanites out, ever.
On the urbworlds, they call Luciferium the 'Devil's Bargain'. Many have been forced to kill friends when no more of the seductive red pills could be found.

Penoxycyline b.png

A drug for preventing infections before they take hold. Blocks malaria, sleeping sickness, plague.[sic] Must be taken every five days to remain effective.
This drug only prevents new infections. It does not cure existing infections - even those that are not yet discovered.