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Alpha 11 - 0.11.877 was released on June 10, 2015 - Alpha 11 Release + Hotfixes

New Contents

  • Added new raid type: sappers.
  • Sappers attempt to dig or blast their way around your hardest defensive point. The circumvent ‘killbox’-like strategies.
  • Enemies now flee things that are about to explode
  • Enemies remember trap positions that their faction has encountered before, and avoid them.
  • Raiders opportunistically ignite crops on fire.
  • Pawns can now do ‘job override’ checks to see if a new job should start before ending their current job. These are now used liberally to have pawns respond faster and more intelligently to changing conditions (especially in combat).
  • Pawns check for job override when taking damage. It will no longer be possible to bug out the centipede enemy and kill him at close range while he tries to take a firing position.
  • Enemies no longer take unpowered player turrets as primary targets.
  • Pawns choose sky-gaze, wander, eating and other positions by traversing the region graphic instead of by random coordinate scattering, which solves problems with them taking long paths around long walls.
  • Added deadfall trap: A simple rearmable trap that falls on enemies and damages them.
  • Added IED trap: An artillery shell connected to a trigger that detonates after a short delay.
  • Added incendiary IED trap: Like IED, but sets fires.
New Incidents
  • New incident: Toxic fallout. A toxic cloud that lasts for days or weeks. It kills plants, rots food, and slowly poisons people outside. Toxic buildup in characters leads to vomiting, dementia, and eventually death.
  • New incident: Volcanic winter. Lasts weeks or months and significantly reduces temperatures and light levels, leading to poorer harvests.
  • New incident: Manhunter pack. A pack of deadly wargs arrives and stalks the local area for a while before moving on. Fight them or hide inside from them.
  • New incident: Chased refugee. A refugee radios and offers to join the colony if you’ll fight the raiders on his tail.
  • New incident: Psychic soothe. The opposite of a psychic drone.
Allowed Areas
  • Assign colonists to allowed areas.
  • Every item and location outside the allowed area is considered forbidden.
Storyteller Changes
  • Storytellers will never entirely disallow events because of population.
  • Randy’s event chances are affected by population (somewhat).
  • Re-tuned storyteller population intent based on new output tables for smoother population gain with higher maximum and better recovery at small populations
Ice Sheet
  • Ice sheet biome is now playable (though perhaps not survivable).
Misc Changes
  • Added strip designator to reduce stripping micromanagement.
  • You can toggle allowing sowing in a growing zone.
  • Doors can be held open.
  • Door locking is now door forbidding (it’s clearer).
  • Added copy/paste functionality for storage zone/building settings.
  • World data now saves into map file to prevent game state confusion with multiple saves on one world.
  • Added new joy activity: build snowman.
  • You can now remove floors to reveal the terrain underneath.
  • You can now perform surgery on guests. Violating surgery will anger their faction.
  • Guests are smarter and no longer walk out of the colony bleeding.
  • Added new hairs donated by Shinzy.
  • Slave trader changed to pirate merchant, can still show up to buy slaves even when your population is high (though they may not carry any).
  • Hundreds more bugfixes, tuning changes, optimizations, and other small improvements.


  • Colonists will now try to avoid pathing outside their allowed area. (Alpha 11b)
  • Open doors equalize temperature faster. (Alpha 11b)
  • Much, much smarter sapper escort AI. (Alpha 11b)
  • Sapper now avoid mining high-health ore while finding tunnelling paths. (Alpha 11b)
  • Reorganized and clean up options menu and graphics settings. (Alpha 11b)
  • Mods config page shows load order of mods. (Alpha 11b)
  • Toxic fallout kills plants much more slowly. (Alpha 11b)
  • Enemies (especially wargs) now ignore unpowered unmanned turrets and mortars. (Alpha 11b)
  • We no longer allow buying back prisoners you just sold as a way to insta-recruit anyone. (Alpha 11b)
  • Can no longer sell rotten items. (Alpha 11b)
  • Treatment result is now indicated with a text mote, not a global message. (Alpha 11b)
  • Adjusted a bunch of sound volumes. (Alpha 11b)
  • Fixed pirate merchants only bringing slaves when population is high. This should be reversed. (Alpha 11b)
  • Reworked how slave prices are calculated so they take injuries, capacities, and skills into account better. (Alpha 11b)
  • Colonists now harvest planted trees on their own. (Alpha 11b)
  • Optimizations to grower work scan algorithms. (Alpha 11b)
  • Cleanup on main menu background image. (Alpha 11b)
  • Smelt slag recipe can use do until you have X. (Alpha 11b)
  • Siegers can never use melee weapons (too exploitable). (Alpha 11b)
  • New sound: warg voices. (Alpha 11b)
  • New sound: treatment. (Alpha 11b)
  • New sound: medicine used successfully. (Alpha 11b)
  • Player-created backstories and translations have been updated. (Alpha 11b)
  • About 150-200 bugfixes – some big, some small. (Alpha 11b)
  • Mitigated a game-killing bug caused by corrupted pawns. The corrupted pawn will now be destroyed instead of causing broken saves and game crashes. I’m still tracing the root cause of this so I can make the game not generate corrupted pawns in the first place. (Alpha 11c/d)
  • Fixed a stuck-pawn bug caused by wardens trying to recruit downed prisoners and immediately ending their job, over and over. (Alpha 11c/d)
  • Fixed prisoner config resetting at inappropriate times. (Alpha 11c/d)
  • Fixed floor smoothing speed being determined by mining skill (it’s now construction). (Alpha 11c/d)
  • Fixed repeated EMP damage canceling stuns in progress. (Alpha 11c/d)

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