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This update brings bugfixes and other adjustments.

If you're willing to help test the unstable branch in future, please join this Discord server:

Change log:

  • Fix: Endless cycle of the prisoner getting out of bed, and the doctor putting the prisoner in the bed
  • Fix: Tortured artist gets inspiration after being hit by berserk psycast.
  • Most traders now buy musical instruments.
  • A mitigation for: Pawn allocated several times to Bed or Throne. Until the root cause is known.
  • Fix: Cloth sandbags not displaying as 1.0 color.
  • Fix: A count was used as a caravan guard for the empire
  • Show detection chance for illegal psycasts attached to the mouse.
  • All weapons are now biocodable. All lodgers now arrive with their weapons biocoded. Lodgers can now drop non biocoded weapons via UI (e.g. if the player made him equip it).
  • Fix: some mech cluster building can be deconstructed but won't drop anything. Fix mech capsule not being deconstructible.
  • Use SketchThing.OccupiedRect in AnyThingOutOfBounds function.
  • Fixed: IEDs spawn shells when destroyed.
  • Traders can no longer sell slaves with royal titles.
  • PawnGenerationRequest properties are now public.
  • Change CellHasCrops check to early out if no plants found.
  • Add an out of bounds check to CanSpawnClusterAt.
  • Pawn lend quest no longer sends shuttles onto maps that don't have enough pawns available.
  • Removed pawn beauty stat min/max clamping.
  • Changes to shuttle landing spot finder based on feedback.
  • Reworked field hand and drill arm so their stats don't fight each other. Instead of reducing manipulation, they now affect movement speed.
  • Waterproof conduit cost reduced 40 steel -> 10 steel.