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Previous Version: Version/1.1.2570
Released on: 12 March 2020
Next Version: Version/1.1.2575
Released on: 17 March 2020

Released on: 13 March 2020

Balance updates and bugfixes today! If you're willing to help test the unstable build in future, please join us here:

Feedback is welcome all around. The most direct place to offer it is the Discord channel above, but I'm watching forums, Reddit, and everywhere else I can collect feedback. Thanks in advance to those who contribute thoughts, and to all those who have offered feedback so far.


  • Baron can now do Animals work.
  • Count can now do commoner work. Count is now only unable to do same as Baron, plus Animals.
  • Balanced down ultratech and bladelink melee weapons a bit. Reduced illegal bladelink usage detection chance 5% to 3%.
  • Psychic entropy base recovery rate reduced from 5 to 4.
  • Improve psychic entropy recovery rate on pawns without psychic amplifiers from 4 to 8.
  • Psycasts rebalance:
  • Psychic harmonizer impact reduced 20%.
  • Psychic hangover now affects manipulation and its mood impact is increased from 8 to 12.
  • Psychic melee weapons are now biocodable.
  • Unstable power cell, mortar, and bullet shields now have market value since they can be claimed and used by the player.
  • Mech cluster spawning now handles collisions better (and doesn't wipe other buildings if it doesn't have to).
  • Condition causers terrain affordance needed: Light -> Heavy
  • Play sounds when psychic entropy limiter is toggled on or off.
  • Fix: Steam builds sometimes have no steam_appid.txt because STEAM is not defined in BuildMaker
  • Fix: Food batch boundary issue when interacting with animal using food that might have already been reserved. Also fixed uneeded default value for QuestNode_Letter.
  • Fix: Error producing cast in QuestPart_letter.
  • Fix: Potential attempt at destroying equipment when no equipment is held.
  • Fix: Helpers leave after fixed 10 days during raid quests even if there are multiple raids.
  • Fix: Circadian half-cycler breaks parties.
  • Fix: Temporary faction members who are downed, put in bed, then quest is complete aren't tendable.
  • Added dead pawn filter for look targets to letter quest node to fix spurious message.