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Previous Version: Version/1.1.2567
Released on: 9 March 2020
Next Version: Version/1.1.2571
Released on: 13 March 2020

Released on: 12 March 2020

This is a continuation of yesterday's unstable testing with some updates.

If you're willing to help test the unstable build for compatibility in future, please join us here:


  • Player-created content update.
  • Fix: Nuclear stomach not having zero food poisoning chance
  • Fix: Escaping prisoners being able to equip bladelinked/biocoded weapons.
  • Refactored mech cluster position finder to be more robust and flexible.
  • Fix: Room requirements debuff for royals in caravan. Only apply debuffs on player home maps.
  • Fix: Some mechanoids showing up as "dormant" after awakening.
  • Fix: No mech wake-up sound on LordJob_SleepThenAssaultColony.
  • Fix: Link plasmasword and zeushammer having no detection chance.
  • HaulAIUtility now checks whether the worktable is spawned when deciding if hauling unfinished thing is allowed.