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Released March 14, 2020

This update includes various new features, adjustments and bug fixes.

EDIT: It's been released to everyone!

Thanks to everyone who has been contributing unstable build feedback in official unstable build testing Discord server

Change list

  • Implemented renounce title button on pawn bio tab. You can now have your royal colonists renounce their title if you wish.
  • Implement mech shield generator charge cycle. Shields now go down for a random day every 10 days, if you're willing to wait.
  • Mech cluster condition causers and mortars now sometimes take several days to initiate threatening the colony. This gives more time to prepare and attack the cluster.
  • We now generate random rewards only up to 5500$, the rest will go into market value fillers like gold, plasteel, and uranium. This avoids absurd rewards with large numbers of unique quest items in modded or ultra late-game scenarios.
  • Added bulk recipes for pemmican and drugs.
  • Restricted hunting decrees from targeting colony animals.
  • Make mortar/bullet shields shut down when the cluster is defeated.
  • Added new visual effects that play when something is disabled by EMP (makes it clearer when mechs and their builds are EMP-affected).
  • Monument blueprints are now automatically placed when a monument marker is placed. They're also automatically removed when the player cancels the monument.
  • Reduce hospitality threat frequency from 18h to 24h and adjusted rewards to match.
  • Reduce love enhancer impact 50%.
  • Give more time for harvest decrees, especially with fast-growing plants.
  • Fix: Trade request quest can request and give the same ThingDef
  • Fix: Trade request quest generation fails in rare cases
  • Fix: Harvest decrees can ask for cave plants.
  • Fix: Missing CanPawnAcceptQuest check in QuestsTab.
  • Fix: Tribal faction namer uses undefined key.
  • Fix: Traveling colonists not being able to accept quests and refactor MainTabWindow_Quests.
  • Fix: When the Steam version fails to initialize the Steam API, clicking on a mod requirement throws an exception.
  • Fix: Pawns losing ownership of their bed/throne if sent in transport pods.
  • Fix: Random error from NaturalRandomQuestChooser; total weight is zero
  • Fix: NamesFromRulepack debug output causes errors when root keyword isn't r_name.
  • Misc minor typo fixes.