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This version was released on: January 16, 2014



  • Stockpiling AI: Pawns will now draw from several resource piles if it helps them build more efficiently. So they can pick up from multiple resource piles, carry the resources in one trip, and then deposit them in multiple building sites. Very efficient and fun to watch!
  • Included Rho’s new RimWorld logo and Ricardo’s happy/sad Randy portrait.
  • Colonist will now eat from dispensers in prisoners’ rooms as well as store meals in prisoners’ rooms if there is no prisoner present.
  • You can now rename stockpiles.
  • Some fairly easy but extremely impactful optimizations: eliminated 30k/frame of memory allocs from switching to the same font over and over. Game no longer tries to make tooltips from every rock square in the map (only pawns make tooltips now). Some others.

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes.