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Blood Filtration  • Blood PumpingBreathingConsciousnessEatingHearingManipulationMetabolismMovingPainSightTalking
Pawn Stats - Combat
Aiming TimeIncoming Damage MultiplierMelee Armor PenetrationMelee Dodge ChanceMelee DPSMelee Hit ChanceShooting AccuracyTrap Spring Chance
- General
Carrying CapacityEating SpeedForaged Food AmountGlobal Learning FactorHunger Rate MultiplierImmunity Gain SpeedLeather AmountMaximum Comfortable TemperatureMeat AmountMental Break ThresholdMinimum Comfortable TemperatureMinimum Handling SkillMove SpeedPain Shock ThresholdPsychic SensitivityRest Rate MultiplierToxic SensitivityMeditation Focus Gain Content added by the Royalty DLCNeural Heat Gain Content added by the Royalty DLCNeural Heat Limit Content added by the Royalty DLCNeural Heat Recovery Rate Content added by the Royalty DLC
- Social
Arrest Success ChanceBeauty (Pawn)Negotiation AbilitySocial ImpactTame Animal ChanceTrade Price ImprovementTrain Animal Chance
- Work General
Animal Gather SpeedAnimal Gather YieldConstruct Success ChanceConstruction SpeedDeep Drilling SpeedGlobal Work SpeedHunting StealthMining SpeedMining YieldPlant Harvest YieldPlant Work SpeedRepair Success ChanceResearch SpeedSmoothing Speed
- Work Medical
Medical Operation SpeedMedical Surgery Success ChanceMedical Tend QualityMedical Tend Speed
- Work Recipes
Butchery EfficiencyButchery SpeedCooking SpeedDrug Cooking SpeedDrug Synthesis SpeedFood Poison ChanceGeneral Labor SpeedMechanoid Shredding EfficiencyMechanoid Shredding SpeedSmelting Speed

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