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A standardized way of formatting and displaying thoughts.

Thoughts have the following parameters, and ideally all of them will be displayed, at least optionally:

  • Label label
  • Mood value value, value2, value3, value4, value5, value6
  • Description desc
  • Duration duration
  • Stack limit stack
  • Stack multiplier multi


{{Thought|desc=A cute animal nuzzled me|label=Nuzzled|value=+6|multi=0.75|stack=4|duration=1}}

+6 Nuzzled mood for 1 day

{{Thought|desc=Someone covered me with onions|label=Garnished with onions|value=-10|stack=10|duration=0.5}}

−10 Garnished with onions mood for 0.5 days

{{Thought|desc=Without a neural supercharge, I'm running below my true capacity. It's depressing.|label=want neural supercharge|value=-6|stack=1}} 

−6 Want neural supercharge mood

{{Thought|desc=We've got slaves. It means we're on the right path.|label=slaves in colony|value=+1}} 

+1 Slaves in colony mood

{{Thought|desc=I am happily connected to a Gauranlen tree.|label=Gauranlen connection|value=+3|value2=+0|value3=-1|value4=-2|value5=-4|value6=-6}}

+3/+0/−1/−2/−4/−6 Gauranlen connection mood